Norris Dedicates Miami Win to Loved Ones

Norris Dedicates Miami Win to Loved Ones, Critics


Lando Norris conquers Miami, silencing detractors and dedicating his triumph to family and friends.

Lando Norris silenced critics in Miami by finally claiming his first Grand Prix victory.

The Brit deserved it, and he achieved it: his victory provided beautiful scenes off the track and even on it during the victory lap, as Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton applauded him from their cars.

As he explains, Lando Norris was deeply touched by these signs of respect from his rivals and colleagues…

“Sometimes, I think not everyone speaks well of others due to certain situations. You’re under pressure. You race against others. People crash into you. You’re frustrated. And of course, you’ll say things, things that people don’t like.”

“I’ve always had respect for everyone I’ve raced against, from the top to the bottom of every category I’ve gone through since karting. Even when you put on the helmet, you might hate them, you want to beat them, and you don’t care who anyone is, I’ve always respected the people I’ve raced against.”

“So when Lewis, Fernando, Max, Charles, Carlos… whenever they come up to you or people have kind words for you, I really appreciate these things. Because from these people, it means something. Maybe for others, it doesn’t. And yes, these people, they know what it takes to achieve these kinds of things, for the work, the time, the effort required to do something like that. So, yes, I think I thank them and I thank everyone who supports me and who has the same kind of respect for them that I have.”

Norris Wanted to ‘Do a Bottas’ on the Radio

Lando Norris is a popular figure in the paddock, not just among the drivers. Regarding his rare critics, especially those who called him ‘Lando No-wins’, the McLaren F1 driver would have liked to ‘do a Bottas’ on the radio after his success…

“Everyone can say what they want. I’m always okay with that. People don’t need to like me. They don’t need to support me. I don’t always ask for that kind of thing. But yes, when people doubt me in certain situations, you want to prove them wrong. You want to go out and prove them wrong. They think they know what they’re talking about, and when you prove that’s not the case, it feels good. So, no, this isn’t an attack on anyone.”

“I wanted to say Valtteri’s ‘to whom it may concern’ line, but I thought, ‘it’s copyrighted,’ so I didn’t repeat it, but it’s good to do my job and show people what I’m capable of.”

Lando Norris also thought of his loved ones when he stepped onto the highest step of the podium… especially his sick grandmother.

“Normally, my dad comes to the races, but not this time, so I’m sure he regrets it a bit. But, I mean, my parents have supported me a lot. You know, they’ve been there from the start. They made sure everything went smoothly. They’re the ones who brought me into racing, who supported me, and who helped me reach Formula 1, to achieve my dream and do what I’ve loved doing since I was a child.”

“You have flashbacks of every moment, you know, like… I remember being at a track for the first time in my life, at the age of five or six. My brother, my father, and I, we stood there, watching the cars go by, and today, I find myself on the highest step of the podium.”

“I want to thank them warmly. And I think of my grandmother because she hasn’t been very well lately. I saw her last week and told her I was going to win a race. I didn’t say when. I just said I was going to win a race. And I didn’t think it would happen so soon. So, I’m very happy to have been able to do it as quickly as I did.”

Norris will remain the perfectionist we know…

Now, it’s party time for Lando Norris! But will the McLaren F1 driver keep his highly critical attitude towards himself, always seeing the glass half empty, even after this first success?

“All year, I’ve done a very good job. I’ve worked hard and eliminated many of my weaknesses. Yes, as if I’m always going to be that guy. I don’t think that’s going to change. I’ll continue to see the glass as half full because that suits me. That’s my mindset. Everyone has their own way of doing things, their own approach, their own way of talking to themselves. Asking themselves: how can I do the best job possible?”

“That suits me, and I don’t need other people to be satisfied or agree with me. It’s what suits me best and works best. It has made me who I am, and I think it’s the best way to move forward. So, there will be days when the glass is full, when I will be happy and proud of myself. Everyone will have those days, and everyone should have those days. But to be the best man, the best driver, I have my way of doing things and I stick to it.”

Norris Dedicates Miami Win to Loved Ones

Norris Dedicates Miami Win to Loved Ones, Critics. Norris Dedicates Miami Win to Loved Ones, Critics

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