Norris Critiques Russell s Prep for Alonso Clash

Norris Critiques Russell’s Prep for Alonso Clash


Norris argues Russell should have anticipated Alonso’s defensive driving, sparking controversy.

Lando Norris believes George Russell should have been better prepared for Fernando Alonso’s tactics in the closing moments of Formula 1’s Australian Grand Prix.

Russell lost control of his Mercedes W15 at turn 6 of the Albert Park circuit after Alonso defensively slowed in front of him, ending up with a crumpled car in the middle of the track.

Alonso was handed a 20-second penalty after stewards deemed his tactic responsible for Russell’s crash, but Norris views the situation differently.

“There shouldn’t be a penalty,” says the McLaren driver.

“It was clear now that it wasn’t a brake test. Yes, what Fernando did was odd, even extreme, but I don’t think it’s even close to being considered a brake test.”

“Did he brake and downshift, I’m not exactly sure, but should there be a penalty in any way, no.”

“George, in my view, should have seen it coming. I don’t want to comment too much but George had time to see what was happening.”

Norris also argued that circumstances involving unusual braking maneuvers are much more pronounced in a race start situation, where drivers must be constantly alert when approaching the first turn.

“It’s worse before the first turn at the start of a race.”

“You don’t know when people will brake, but you need to react so as soon as they brake, you brake.”

“So yes, I would say it’s a worse case than what happened here, but the outcome here was much worse than what sometimes happens at the first turn, so I’m sure there will be a lot of questions at the drivers’ briefing.”

Alonso believes if Russell had avoided the crash, his defensive maneuver wouldn’t have been a talking point, but Norris conceded that if the end result was a crashed car in the middle of the track, “you can’t ignore it.”

“If he had stayed on the asphalt, it probably wouldn’t have been a penalty. There too, clarifications will need to be asked!”

Norris Critiques Russell’s Prep for Alonso Clash. Norris Critiques Russell’s Prep for Alonso Clash

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