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McLaren Duo Faces Challenges Despite Strong Bahrain Finish


Lando Norris reflects on a positive Bahrain GP, highlighting McLaren’s performance improvement and strategic gains at a challenging circuit.

Lando Norris expressed optimism after the Bahrain race conclusion, with the McLaren F1 driver securing a sixth-place finish at a circuit that did not favor the team last year. He praised such an outcome.

“Compared to last year, everything has improved. It was a good day for us,” Norris stated on F1 TV. “Significant gains were made through strategy, undercuts, and overtakes. So, I think we can be pleased. Things could have been slightly better, but today was realistic.”

The British driver attempted to catch up to George Russell towards the end of the race, to no avail: “I’m content with sixth place; he was on a less than ideal strategy, and I was close. He pitted earlier to avoid the undercut, so he was struggling more than I was towards the end.”

“But it wasn’t enough. Our pace was close to Mercedes, while Red Bull and Ferrari were on another level, but that was expected. The battle with Mercedes was enjoyable, and if we can compete with them here, we can beat them elsewhere.”

McLaren’s Unexpected Surge in Bahrain Hints at Brighter Future

He also confirmed that McLaren was in better shape than anticipated this weekend: “It was the conditions; there was less grip last week, and others were ahead. But we surprised ourselves after FP2, realizing we were better than expected.”

“It was good to see, and it’s a positive sign for what’s ahead. We had issues with the balance today with a lot of fuel, especially compared to Ferrari, but it was better against Mercedes, so that’s a pleasant surprise.”

And he now hopes McLaren will perform better in Jeddah as well: “Compared to last year, yes. It’s hard to compare because we didn’t have the big update last year, so we don’t know where we’ll stand. I’m optimistic for this type of circuit, especially considering some turns here.”

“The first and last turns were shocking. The last turn was horrible, I think I could drive any road car… even a Reliant Robin (a three-wheeled car), and it would be faster than this car there! So, we have things to improve, but we already knew that before the weekend and before the season.”

Piastri Hopes for Better in Upcoming Races

Oscar Piastri, joining Norris during the interview, confirmed his hopes for better results in the upcoming races: “Next week, then the one after that, and the one after that… especially in Melbourne!” the Australian declared.

“Finishing eighth and sixth wasn’t what we wanted, but it wasn’t a bad way to start the season, considering the last years in Bahrain. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next races; we’ve scored points, which isn’t a bad way to start the year.”

“We’re trying our best; I knew that without a major mistake from someone ahead, I’d finish where I was during the second half of the race. But we’re always trying to stay in the fight; I like to think the guys in the pack are pretty good, especially Lewis, who has had his share of success!”

“The biggest learning from last year was probably race pace and tire management. Today was a decent race from that perspective. I think yesterday’s qualifying was more fragile than I would have liked.”

Operational aspects were acknowledged as the team’s Achilles’ heel: “What we could have done better was the strategy and the stops. It wasn’t straightforward, but we hung in there.”

Norris Bahrain F1 2024. Norris Bahrain F1 2024


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