No Ferrari Feud Expected Between Hamilton Leclerc

No Ferrari Feud Expected Between Hamilton, Leclerc


As Hamilton joins Ferrari, Fisichella expresses confidence in a harmonious relationship between Hamilton and Leclerc, dispelling fears of internal conflict.

Former Scuderia Ferrari driver Giancarlo Fisichella (he temporarily replaced Felipe Massa in 2009 after his injury at Hungaroring) was surprised and excited by the news.

Given the current form of Ferrari (and Mercedes F1), there is no doubt: Lewis Hamilton seems to have made the right choice.

But will he be able to adapt to the Scuderia environment? Won’t the transition be too difficult?

However, Giancarlo Fisichella isn’t too worried about Lewis Hamilton: even though it will take some time, the Mercedes F1 driver will get used to Helmut Marko.

“Lewis is a seven-time champion and a great driver, but without a good car, like at Mercedes in recent years, he couldn’t win a single race!”

“He has a lot of experience and [his arrival] will be good for Ferrari. But he will need a good car and he will have to learn how the car behaves.”

“He will need to integrate into the Ferrari family, which will take time. It’s clear there’s pressure—Lewis knows how to handle it. It’s not an excuse to change teams and say ‘I need time to learn.’ But I’m sure that won’t be a problem for him.”

Another uncertainty surrounds Lewis Hamilton’s arrival at Ferrari: how will the cohabitation with Charles Leclerc go? Could an internal struggle destabilize the Scuderia for the status of number one driver?

Again, Giancarlo Fisichella isn’t too worried…

“They are both great drivers. Charles has been at Ferrari for several years and already knows everyone.”

“People expect him to win races this year, but also next year with Lewis. I’m sure they will work together and it will be fine. They will be compared to each other, but it’s important that they work together.”

A dream but contrasting interim for Fisichella at Ferrari

Giancarlo Fisichella himself had the honor of driving for the Scuderia in 2009, replacing the injured Felipe Massa.

Moreover, the Italian drove an Italian car in front of the Monza crowd. In a frenzied atmosphere, the result was less so (9th place).

“I was at the end of my career and didn’t expect this opportunity,” he recalls.

“I knew it was hard to jump into a different car, especially late in the season, and in a car that was very difficult to drive compared to the Force India. It was really difficult, but it was the end of my career and it had been my dream since I was young, so I immediately said yes.”

No Ferrari Feud Expected Between Hamilton Leclerc

No Ferrari Feud Expected Between Hamilton, Leclerc. No Ferrari Feud Expected Between Hamilton, Leclerc

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