Newey Unhappy with RB20

Newey Unhappy with RB20, Red Bull Plans Changes


Adrian Newey expressed dissatisfaction with a specific feature of the RB20. Red Bull is set to modify this element by next year, aiming for performance improvements.

Adrian Newey has discussed changes to the Red Bull F1 cars, as “a feature I am not very satisfied with” might be modified by 2024.

In the lead-up to the Miami Grand Prix, Newey announced he will leave Red Bull after the first quarter of 2025, although his involvement in F1 has already ended. Until his departure, he will focus solely on the RB17 hypercar.

However, Newey stated that there is an area on the RB20 – which he did not specify – that will be “re-modified.” This is one of his final F1 projects for Red Bull.

When asked if there were still gains to be found in the era of ground effect in F1, Newey replied: “Yes, there is always room for improvement.”

“This car is the third evolution of the 2022 F1 under this set of rules. We have one more year next year before the huge change in 2026. So we are always looking for small gains.”

“The fundamental architecture of the car has remained the same, but I can say now, for example, there is a feature on the car I am not very satisfied with this year, and it is something that will either change later this year, or more likely.”

“It will in any case be modified by next year at the latest. It was one of my last projects on F1 for Red Bull.”

Newey Unhappy with RB20

Newey Unhappy with RB20, Red Bull Plans Changes. Newey Unhappy with RB20, Red Bull Plans Changes

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