Newey Cautious as F1 Faces 'Strange' 2026 Rules

Newey Wary as F1 Braces for ‘Odd’ 2026 Regulations


Adrian Newey expresses reservations about the unique regulatory changes slated for F1 in 2026.

Adrian Newey states that he “does not know” if he will be involved in F1 when the new specifications are introduced in 2026, but he has warned teams that it would be “premature” to criticize them today.

Formula 1 will change regulations in 2026, not only for the cars but also for the engines.

The most significant change is the sport’s shift to a 50/50 split between the internal combustion engine and electric power, meaning an increased focus on energy recovery. The MGU-K will nearly triple the amount of electrical energy produced by current hybrid components.

Otherwise, Formula 1 has not yet locked down the chassis regulations, with figures like Christian Horner fearing “Frankenstein” F1s with overly complex active aerodynamics.

However, Newey is not as negative as the Red Bull team boss. It remains to be seen whether he will design an F1 for 2026 (at Ferrari?) as early as 2025 or if he will extend his break a bit longer after his contract ends on March 31.

“I must admit that when the 2022 regulations were announced in 2020, my first reaction was to say they were quite restrictive.”

“And it’s always unfortunate because the more regulatory restrictions we have, the more it stifles creativity and other solutions.”

“But it turned out that there is actually a lot of flexibility, and I think we saw that it started in 2022, and there are many different shapes; they are beginning to converge now, but initially, that wasn’t the case.”

“Looking through the 2026 regulations, for now, they look like a set of somewhat strange rules, that’s true.”

“But to dismiss them and say they will not be good, I think that’s far too premature.”

“You know, there always comes a time when, as a designer, you first look at what they might be, and you can have an initial opinion on whether they are good or bad. And eventually, by digging deeper, you find.”

“I’m sure 2026 will be another great challenge. Whether I will be part of it, I don’t really know yet. But for those who are or will be involved, it will be a big challenge.”

Newey Cautious as F1 Faces 'Strange' 2026 Rules

Newey Cautious as F1 Faces ‘Strange’ 2026 Rules. Newey Cautious as F1 Faces ‘Strange’ 2026 Rules

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