Mercedes Welcomes F1's New Sprint Rule Changes

Mercedes Welcomes F1’s New Sprint Rule Changes


Mercedes F1 technical director James Allison applauds the innovative sprint rule changes, enabling strategic adjustments during the weekend, enhancing team performance and flexibility.

The Chinese Grand Prix was the first of six sprint weekends this season, providing all teams the opportunity to test the possibility of changing settings after the Sprint and before Saturday’s qualifying. This was costly for Lewis Hamilton, but Allison remains positive.

“There is actually quite a big difference,” Allison responded when asked how the rule change affects Mercedes’ approach.

Mercedes Welcomes F1's New Sprint Rule Changes

“Sprint weekends normally fill engineers with a certain apprehension because, in the past, there was only one free practice hour to prepare everything, then you sealed your fate for the weekend and just had to watch it unfold, for better or worse, for the remaining sessions: sprint qualifying, sprint race, qualifying, and race.”

Allison outlined the benefits of the new system, adding that the change had been well received at Mercedes.

“It’s great because it gives you a chance to save yourself if you’ve made a mistake during the sprint part of the weekend. So it’s something we are very satisfied with, quite happy to see included in the regulations.”

“Unfortunately, it’s also a double-edged sword. If you use this period wisely, perfect, you can then be better for the main race, the main event, than you were for the Sprint. But if you make a mistake during this second adjustment, then it can actually be worse for you in the main race.”

“But I think overall, it’s a great change in the rules, allowing more flexibility throughout the weekend and something we were looking forward to.”

Mercedes Welcomes F1's New Sprint Rule Changes

Mercedes Welcomes F1’s New Sprint Rule Changes. Mercedes Welcomes F1’s New Sprint Rule Changes

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