Mercedes W15 Bahrain Test

Mercedes W15’s Crucial Test: Podium Contender?


As the F1 season opens in Bahrain, all eyes are on Mercedes’ W15. Will it challenge for podiums or even clinch victories from the start?

It’s crunch time for the W15: will the new Mercedes F1 car be able to compete for podiums, or even wins, right off the bat? We’ll find out more this weekend in Bahrain.

So far, the W15 has kept a low profile during winter testing. Mercedes hasn’t made as much of an impression as Ferrari in long runs, but they may also be playing their cards close to the chest.

Feedback from both drivers and engineers suggests a more predictable, stable car – in short, Mercedes hasn’t produced a new diva this time around.

Wolff Confirms Mercedes W15’s Promising Start

As the campaign kicks off, Toto Wolff confirms the progress seen in winter testing: the Mercedes is finally responding as hoped.

“A new season brings new opportunities, and it’s exciting to embark on a campaign with all the unpredictability it inevitably brings,” Wolff stated.

“In the past two seasons, we started the first race on the wrong foot. The W13 and W14 had their strengths, but often proved too challenging to harness. They were inconsistent.”

“Our main goal for 2024 was therefore clear: to create a stable platform. A car that responds as we expect. A car that drivers can consistently push. And a car we can develop throughout the year, knowing we’re truly advancing its performance on the track.”

Wolff shared two more pieces of good news: Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are happy with the overall balance; and the correlation between track and wind tunnel data is accurate and verified.

“Over the first two races, we’ll gain a much better understanding of our work. Post winter testing, we can draw some initial conclusions. The drivers are much happier with the overall balance. The basic platform is performing as anticipated. The correlation with our simulations seems accurate.”

“This is encouraging. It’s a solid foundation we can build on.”

Toto Wolff sees Red Bull as the front-runner in Bahrain

However, like Charles Leclerc, for example, Wolff does not expect miracles for Mercedes this weekend. Red Bull is the clear favorite and expected to lead the pack.

“During testing, our focus was on learning more about the car we have. Now, we can shift our attention to finding performance-oriented setups for the Bahrain race weekend.”

“As expected, Red Bull appears to be at the front of the pack. The chasing group looks tight. We’ll soon have an idea of where we stand within this group. And the task ahead to close the gap with the race leaders.”

“But wherever we are, the entire team relishes the challenge ahead. The energy is palpable in the factories and at the trackside. The year ahead is long. There will be many highs and inevitable lows. But that’s why we love motorsport. And now, we’re eager to get started.”

Mercedes W15 Bahrain Test 2024. Mercedes W15 Bahrain Test 2024.


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