Mercedes F1's 150M Euro Bid to Secure Verstappen

Mercedes F1 Offers Verstappen a Staggering €150M Deal


Mercedes F1 is said to have presented a comprehensive package worth nearly 150 million euros per year to secure the services of Max Verstappen.

As we reported on Friday evening, the Verstappen camp will meet with top Mercedes F1 executives after Miami to discuss a potential transfer, and the latest information suggests that a real red carpet is being rolled out for the Dutch driver.

Mercedes F1 Offers Verstappen a Staggering €150M Deal

The salary would be around 75 million euros without bonuses, with additional winnings for victories and the world title, as well as various operations that Verstappen would like to keep (GT3 team, sim racing team,…) not to mention the benefits provided by Mercedes and its subsidiary AMG.

For comparison, at most, Mercedes F1 used to spend between 60 and 100 million euros per year on Lewis Hamilton, his bonuses, and, more recently, his Mission 44 foundation.

Jos Verstappen no longer hid yesterday that his son is being courted and he no longer even mentioned the end of the Red Bull contract normally scheduled for the end of the 2028 season.

“I think everyone really wants Max. Max is performing very well at the moment. He has a fast car, but yes, we also have to look further. We are also looking towards 2026. We’re going to look at everything, see what comes. But we are staying very calm and will see what happens.”

And Max’s father also commented on the reports that Adrian Newey might be leaving for Ferrari. Without confirming or denying…

“Normally, I’m not supposed to say anything about this… What can I say? I don’t know. Basically, there is an agreement between him and Red Bull and the rest, we will see. I can’t say anything about it. We all know what he has done and how good he is.”

Toto Wolff, the director of Mercedes F1, has emphasized his interest in attracting the triple world champion to replace Lewis Hamilton.

“It’s about understanding how the Verstappens see the future, what they think suits them best, considering many factors,” he had already stated in China.

“We are in a very good position for 2026. We are ambitious with the goals we have set for power units, batteries, and sustainable fuel, and if we can produce a decent chassis, we will be a good proposition. But who knows?”

Mercedes F1's 150M Euro Bid to Secure Verstappen

Today, when asked if he is particularly focused on selling the Mercedes F1 2026 project to Verstappen, he smiles.

“I’m really not good at selling things, to be honest. It depends on the facts. Exaggerating something to attract someone or something is not the right way to go.”

“I think we have a development trajectory, we have set ambitious goals that we believe are necessary to perform at a high level.”

“These are facts, but of course, if there is someone among our competitors who develops a project capable of going to the Moon, who knows? I’m not good at persuading, I just say what I think and what I believe is the reality.”

“I have a certain degree of confidence in our capabilities and resources at Mercedes HPP (engine department) and, in 2014, we succeeded, but there are no guarantees that we will do so in 2026.”

“But we are making all the necessary efforts and have set goals to have a very competitive power unit.”

“2014 was obviously more of a journey into the unknown because it was a major regulatory change, but the situation is somewhat similar.”

Mercedes F1's 150M Euro Bid to Secure Verstappen

Mercedes F1’s 150M Euro Bid to Secure Verstappen. Mercedes F1’s 150M Euro Bid to Secure Verstappen

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