Mercedes F1 w15 Evolution

Facing Unknowns, Mercedes F1 Evolves


Toto Wolff discusses Mercedes F1’s journey from facing unknowns to evolving understanding, marking a pivotal shift in tackling challenges and optimizing performance as they head into the 2024 and 2025 seasons with renewed confidence.

Mercedes F1 Team Principal Toto Wolff states that while track performance appears similar to the past two seasons for his team, the situation with their car is markedly different due to a significant evolution in understanding the concept.

“We faced so many unknowns last year,” the Austrian explains when asked why he remains confident for 2024 and 2025.

“But this year, where we started and saw problems, we said, ‘okay, this could be one reason,’ and there, ‘this could be another reason.’ And it works; we have solved the issues.”

“We understand a large part of the W15, and that makes a difference.”

“Thanks to sensors, we can see we have what we need. But there’s still this behavior of the car within a certain speed range, where our sensors and simulation say this is where we should have the downforce, and we don’t have it.”

Wolff, who has recently confirmed a change in approach, however, stops short of excessive optimism.

“This team has never been overly confident. We are probably a team that leans the other way, like me. We always see the glass as half empty. And that attitude remains, but it’s also the right attitude to address it.”

Mercedes F1 w15 Evolution. Mercedes F1 w15 Evolution


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