Mercedes F1 Gains Ground in Bahrain Test Sessions

Mercedes F1 Gains Ground in Bahrain Test Sessions


Andrew Shovlin highlights the W15’s progress and balance after Bahrain’s conclusive test sessions, marking a promising start for Mercedes.

Shovlin, Mercedes F1’s Track Engineering Director, has summarized the Bahrain test sessions that concluded tonight.

While the W15 didn’t top the time charts, it proved to be more competitive and, importantly, more balanced. He considers it a solid foundation for work.

“We had three productive days here in Bahrain and made significant strides in understanding the W15. Compared to last year’s car, the feedback from the drivers is markedly different and more positive, which is promising. The team has worked diligently to address the handling issues that were inherent in the W14, and it’s great to have moved past a number of those problems.”

“During testing, we’ve advanced our comprehension of the car significantly. The task for the coming days will be to sift through the data and assemble the best package for the opening race weekend.”

“Predicting performance from testing is never straightforward, as teams are adept at concealing their pace when desired. Clearly, we’re in a much better position than 12 months ago. We have some busy days ahead with our final preparations for the season opener, and we’re eagerly anticipating the race weekend and the season ahead.”

Lewis Hamilton, behind the wheel this morning, praised the test but acknowledged the need for more speed in the W15, as Red Bull and Ferrari seem to still lead the pack.

“We know we have work to do and aren’t yet where we want to be. That was expected before the test. We have an excellent platform to build upon. We’ll be working hard over the next few days to go through all the test data. I’m really excited for the season start next week, and we’ll arrive in good shape.”

“Overall, it was a very positive test. I’m incredibly proud of everyone on the track and back at the factory. Every woman and man has worked tirelessly, in Brackley, Brixworth, and here in Bahrain. It’s hugely encouraging and fantastic to see everyone working so well together. The focus, determination, and communication are the best I’ve ever seen.”

George Russell wrapped up the testing for Mercedes, finishing with the second-fastest time of the day.

“We’ve had three solid days here in Bahrain. We managed to complete our entire planned program, despite the red flags. The car behaves well and matches our pre-test simulator feelings. We have a very good base to build on.”

“We’re aware there’s still a lot of lap time to find. We knew this before testing, and Red Bull appears very strong once again. However, I’m confident we’re in a much better situation than 12 months ago. The Brackley and Brixworth team has done an excellent job getting us to this point with a car that is a step in the right direction. Our focus now is on, firstly, maximizing the package we have and, secondly, adding more downforce to try and close the gap.”

Mercedes F1 Gains Ground in Bahrain Test Sessions. Mercedes F1 Gains Ground in Bahrain Test Sessions


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