Mercedes F1 Eyes Improvement for Melbourne GP

Mercedes F1 Eyes Improvement for Melbourne GP


Mercedes F1 regroups in Europe, eyeing significant enhancements for the Melbourne Grand Prix, following a challenging start to the 2024 season.

Like all teams, Mercedes F1 took advantage of a return to its European base before heading to Australia for the upcoming Grand Prix this weekend to thoroughly debrief the first two Grand Prix held in the Middle East.

For Toto Wolff, the director of Mercedes F1, the start of the 2024 season has obviously not met the team’s expectations, but he reassures about what the team has seen in its W15 and what can already be improved for Melbourne.

“We have worked hard since Jeddah to learn from the first two races,” the Austrian states today.

“It is encouraging to see the potential of the W15, but there are also clear areas for improvement.”

“We have appeared competitive in low and medium speed corners, but high speed has been a weakness so far. We have worked hard to understand why our performance has not matched our expectations. Improving this is a major goal.”

Armed with these initial lessons, the team “hopes to make some initial progress in Melbourne, and this work will guide our development in the weeks ahead.”

“It’s great to feel the energy and determination flowing through the factories as we work to unlock the car’s potential.”

Wolff admits, “we have left points on the table in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.”

“We started each weekend strongly, carrying out our usual testing programs, but we were unable to fulfill our initial promise. With the chasing pack being so tight, it is essential to maximize the car’s potential every weekend.”

“Albert Park gives us another chance to show what we can do. It’s a superb circuit in a great city, with a passionate fan base, and we look forward to returning there.”

Mercedes F1 Eyes Improvement for Melbourne GP. Mercedes F1 Eyes Improvement for Melbourne GP


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