Mercedes F1 Bahrain Secrets 2024

Mercedes F1’s Secret Tactics in Bahrain Test?


In Bahrain, Mercedes F1’s recent top times spark debates on their real pace during winter testing.

Did Mercedes F1 conceal their true performance during last week’s winter testing? This question is beginning to surface among observers as the German team topped the timing sheets this Thursday in Bahrain, with Lewis Hamilton setting the fastest lap ahead of George Russell in the second practice session.

When asked about this in a press conference, Toto Wolff, expressing satisfaction with the W15’s progress so far, explained that his team ultimately has no reason to pretend.

“Why would we do that? I think it’s important to understand where you stand in the hierarchy, where you’re lacking in performance and where the car is strong, and that’s why we approached these pre-season tests like any other. We’ll now see what happens after this Friday.”

Mercedes Battles Bounce, Boosts Team Morale

The issue of bouncing, which has long troubled Mercedes F1, hasn’t disappeared from the W15, as Russell pointed out. However, Wolff reminded that this is a characteristic inherent to the ground effect regulations, and that other teams are also still affected by this phenomenon.

“Bouncing is obviously a feature of our car for several seasons, but I would say it’s more of an issue related to these regulations. We can observe a certain degree of bouncing on other cars, to a greater or lesser extent. I believe the ground effect results in wanting these cars to be close to the ground and the road, and bouncing can be an effect of that. But I hope we have found tools to address or mitigate it as best as possible.”

While the last two seasons have often been frustrating for the Silver Arrows, the Austrian executive asserts his team remains very positive, and team morale is high.

“What’s very nice to experience is being part of a very positive group in terms of approach. This reminds me of the years 2013 and 2014 when I had the chance to join the team. The whole organization was buzzing. And after these two challenging years, that’s what I’m feeling right now. Morale is high. We have a good atmosphere within the team, very collaborative, confident, empowering, and it’s simply a great place to work at the moment.”

Wolff Balances Health with F1 Schedule

However, the fact that there are 24 races scheduled this year could impact team personnel’s health. Wolff, however, seeks to put this into perspective.

“When you look at the calendar and the first two months, you’re already scared. But you have to look on the bright side. The sport is very popular right now worldwide, and we need to cherish and be careful with it because it might not always be the case.”

“From a performance standpoint, it’s a balance that needs to be struck as a team. And I believe every organization is different. How many travels, how many constraints you put on your collaborators regarding their mental well-being and thus their performance capability. This is an aspect we’re looking very closely at. There are people who want to participate in all the races. It suits their lifestyle best. And then there are others who want, you know, perhaps not to do all the races and spend more time at the office or with their family.”

“Fundamentally, it all comes down to the same goal, which is performance. No member of our team would be part of the race team or the organization if they weren’t 100% focused on performance and passionate about it. These are senior executives. We empower them. So it’s important to really understand what needs to be done so that everyone feels good. That’s essential.”

Mercedes F1 Bahrain Secrets 2024. Mercedes F1 Bahrain Secrets 2024.


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