Mekies RB F1's Journey Far From Over Solid Base Set

Mekies: RB F1’s Journey Far From Over, Solid Base Set


RB F1 concluded promising Bahrain tests, balancing optimism with tempered expectations, signaling a cautious yet hopeful outlook for the season.

RB F1 experienced an encouraging test in Bahrain, even though Daniel Ricciardo tempered expectations about the red and blue single-seater.

But what’s the perspective this time from the team’s leadership?

Following these trials, Peter Bayer, the team’s CEO, who handles the commercial aspects of the squad, first and foremost expressed his excitement to see the VBCARB hit the track smoothly.

“It was great to see the car come to life, in all its beauty, to see the team fully motivated and happy to push with this new identity. We are also pleased to see the positive reaction from our fans, whom we thank for their continuous support.”

“After three days of very productive testing, we have a lot of data to analyze, and I think it will help us be well-prepared for the season’s first race next week, here in Bahrain.”

Laurent Mekies, the team principal, acknowledges that RB F1 has a lot of work to do before the first race – thus extending the more cautious comments of Daniel Ricciardo.

“We have a fantastic group of people, in Faenza, in Bicester, and on the side of our power unit partner, Honda. It was a privilege to work alongside them for the first time on the track. Of course, we have a long way to go to build and develop our team up to the level of competitiveness we want to achieve.”

“However, we started off on a positive note in Bahrain this week and executed a solid program that will be key to our ongoing development throughout the season. There’s no doubt that the first race is going to come upon us very quickly now, and we certainly have a lot of work to do to be prepared to perform at the level we wish.”

“Finally, I want to thank Daniel, Yuki, and all the employees at our factories for the hard work and fantastic spirit they have shown so far. We look forward to being back next week and start racing!”

Formerly of Alpine F1, Alan Permane, the sporting director, discussed more technical details about RB F1’s testing in Bahrain. Reliability was there, but what about performance?

“These three days have been very positive for us. The car ran very reliably all week, and we gathered a large amount of data. We focused our efforts on quality testing, taking the time to make setup changes and understand the car. We mixed this with some long runs and completed a full race distance with Daniel this Friday, which went without a hitch.”

“We will now use the coming days to analyze the data we’ve collected and draw lessons that will serve us not only for the Bahrain weekend but also, of course, for the upcoming races.”

“I am very happy to be here and really looking forward to starting this season. I’ve found an analytical team that, I believe, uses what we’ve gathered to advance the car and the team. Everyone here is very excited about the coming season, and we are eager to learn more about the hierarchy after next weekend’s race.”

Mekies: RB F1's Journey Far From Over, Solid Base Set

Mekies: RB F1’s Journey Far From Over, Solid Base Set. Mekies: RB F1’s Journey Far From Over, Solid Base Set


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