McLaren Support Lando Norris

McLaren’s Strategic Support for Lando Norris


McLaren F1 Director Andrea Stella outlines the team’s comprehensive strategy to boost Lando Norris’s confidence and performance.

Andrea Stella, McLaren F1’s Director, explains that his team is doing everything necessary to support Lando Norris, who is often very critical of himself. The Italian notes the importance of McLaren’s work in restoring his confidence.

“The effort to improve, for example, lap execution, as well as how you respond when you do or do not meet your expectations, is extensive,” Stella stated.

“It’s a 360-degree endeavor, ranging from the driver’s self-reflection to understanding what happens when results fall short, including analyzing the reasons for failure. Then, there’s the support from the engineering team, which provides data, a task that was thoroughly undertaken over the winter.”

He explains that this plays out as much within the team as it does in the driver’s circle: “And then there’s the support and connection with everyone interacting around the driver because everyone plays a role when you’re managing a professional athlete and striving for 100% performance.”

“So, it’s been a very comprehensive process, as I said. I think with Lando, in particular, we’ve realized that to achieve good lap times, we needed a specific approach that I prefer not to disclose, but I think it’s even linked to a certain style.”

“And when we deviate from this style, we lose a bit of the pace, I would say, so it was an interesting discovery. And we are, you know, on sorts of never-ending journeys. You know, it’s like season after season, it’s always about improving more and more.”

McLaren Support Lando Norris. McLaren Support Lando Norris


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