McLaren's DRS Woes Persist

McLaren’s DRS Woes Persist, Plans for Boost


McLaren F1’s struggle with top speed due to an inefficient DRS is ongoing, prompting a focused development effort.

McLaren F1, much like last year, continues to struggle with top speed deficiencies in its MCL38 due to an inefficient DRS. Zak Brown, the team’s CEO, has acknowledged that enhancing the rear wing’s movable flap is a development and improvement priority for the team.

“This is an area we’re looking to improve,” Brown stated. “I believe we made some progress in Melbourne. That particular circuit doesn’t have a significant DRS impact. We were quite slow in Saudi Arabia, but we think we’ve made some advancements, so we’ll see. We aim to make progress everywhere.”

McLaren has planned significant updates, though the specific deployment location remains uncertain. Brown is hopeful for these innovations to be introduced by the Miami GP, following the Japan and China races: “I believe Miami is the current plan. We’re giving it our all, just like everyone else.”

“However, if we can continue on the development trajectory we’ve been on since the latter half of last year, we should become faster and secure a few more podiums this year. The data looks promising. Our data correlates well.”

“Last year, we knew we’d be strong in Austria, and then with both cars at Silverstone, the team did a fantastic job. I see no reason why this can’t continue. Unfortunately, we have nine other teams with the same ambition as us, but we will continue to strengthen throughout the season.”

McLaren’s DRS Woes Persist, Plans for Boost. McLaren’s DRS Woes Persist, Plans for Boost


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