McLaren F1 Season Progress

McLaren F1 Gears Up for Stellar Season Progress


McLaren F1 is honing its off-season strategy, aiming to stay at the forefront with innovative solutions and key new hires.

McLaren F1 is ‘nurturing’ its off-season to continue making progress. Stella is “very encouraged” before the season start. Following a strong end to the 2023 season, McLaren F1 now aims to compete at the forefront, leveraging its more effective technical solutions and new recruits, Rob Marshall and David Sanchez, to enable the team to keep advancing.

“The ingredients are starting to come together. We need to work very carefully, paying attention to how we make the recipe work,” said McLaren director Andrea Stella to Speedcafe.

“Sometimes, you can have good ingredients, but if you’re not a good chef, those ingredients won’t produce the expected result. This is one of the main areas Zak [Brown] and I need to work on to ensure these ingredients find the right way to combine. So far, we are satisfied.”

McLaren F1: Evolving Teamwork and Innovation

Stella explains that the team continues to work tirelessly behind the scenes to evolve its MCL38, which will see developments throughout the season. This work involves integrating the new members into the technical team, thus adapting to their arrival.

“It is certain, for example, that by including Rob Marshall and David Sanchez, even though we have a strong structure in place, we will need to adapt working methods, integrate their ideas, the way they envision car development, so there is certainly a lot of work ahead of us.”

“But we are very encouraged. We continue to see progress, even in this winter period, we are encouraged by the car development we see in the background, as we have seen before Austria or before Singapore.”

“We need to maintain the momentum behind these advancements, but we also need to continue working well; we also need to maintain our good culture to ensure everyone continues to pull together, collaborating in the way we have been able to do in 2023.”

McLaren F1 Season Progress. McLaren F1 Season Progress

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