Marko Skeptical of Red Bull Beating 2023 Wins Record

Marko Skeptical of Red Bull Beating 2023 Wins Record


Dr. Helmut Marko hints Red Bull’s F1 dominance faces challenges at specific 2024 Grands Prix, with Ferrari and Mercedes eyeing opportunities.

Ferrari and Mercedes F1 have emerged from the winter period, after Red Bull’s complete domination in 2023, with high hopes – only to find that the new Red Bull is still easily leading.

“Comparing where we were a year ago, this championship has started better,” Ferrari Chairman John Elkann stated during his visit to the Saudi Arabian GP last weekend.

“However, the key is to always strive for improvement and progress. In 2025, one cycle will end and another will begin in 2026,” he added, suggesting that Red Bull might only truly be beaten once the brand-new engine and chassis rules come into effect.

Lewis Hamilton has been courted to lead this new era in 2026, with Elkann insisting: “Lewis joining Ferrari is a sign that he believes he can achieve great things with us.”

Yet, before Hamilton’s arrival, those great achievements are not ready to occur, with team principal Frédéric Vasseur admitting that a performance gap persists.

“Overall, we’ve made a significant step forward in terms of degradation. Now, we’re finally consistent. But we’re slightly lacking in pace compared to Red Bull – I’d say about two to three tenths in qualifying and a bit more in the race.”

“So, it’s not enough; we need another step forward. We have to be honest with ourselves.”

Thus, despite the power struggle within Red Bull, three-time world champion Max Verstappen is still clearly ahead of all his rivals.

“The way Max shuts out everything that’s happening is incredible,” said Marko, a Red Bull consultant. “What impressed me the most is that he didn’t even ask to set the fastest lap in the race during the last stint. He tried it anyway.”

“He just wanted to cruise to the finish. He’s so relaxed right now.”

Marko admits the situation “may not be good for fans” when race victories are uncontested, “but we were superior. That must be acknowledged.”

However, Marko downplays claims that Red Bull could surpass its 2023 record, i.e., winning every race of the season.

“It will become much more challenging at circuits where qualifying is crucial, like Monaco and Singapore.”

“In Saudi Arabia, Max owed his pole position again to an extraordinary lap. If it doesn’t work out somewhere and we fail to get a good start, then we definitely won’t win.”

Marko Skeptical of Red Bull Beating 2023 Wins Record. Marko Skeptical of Red Bull Beating 2023 Wins Record


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