Magnussen Sets Sights on Haas Stay for 2025 Season

Magnussen Sets Sights on Haas Stay for 2025 Season


As Hülkenberg departs for Audi, Kevin Magnussen remains hopeful about his 2025 prospects with Haas.

There’s a lot of “transfer” talk in Miami on this media Thursday in the paddock, which makes sense since Nico Hülkenberg has set off the first domino by choosing to leave Haas F1 for Stake / Audi F1 starting in 2025.

This is, indirectly, good news for Kevin Magnussen since the Dane is the only experienced driver who would remain at Haas F1… unless he looks elsewhere!

However, Magnussen says his priority is to stay with Haas in Formula 1 next season and believes he has “unfinished business to conclude” with the team.

Magnussen has had a relationship with Haas that dates back to 2017 and returned to the team in the 2022 season (Mazepin being dismissed due to the war in Ukraine), after spending 2021 on the sidelines.

Magnussen’s contract is set to expire at the end of 2024, but Haas has long favored stability, and his chances of staying seem bolstered by Nico Hulkenberg’s departure.

“Honestly, I thought it would be Nico and me again next year, I thought that was likely,” Magnussen said in Miami.

“Obviously, he has taken the opportunity with Sauber and Audi, and I wish him all the best. We will continue to focus and enjoy this year, building on the progress we’ve made as a team this year and, hopefully, building on that beyond this year.”

Magnussen agreed that staying with Haas is “my most likely option” and elaborated on the current situation.

“I still feel there are things to finish here; I’ve been here for many years now and there’s always been potential that we haven’t fully tapped into.”

“I feel like now we are maybe building a better foundation to harness that potential I believe is there.”

“We have very talented people at Haas, we’ve had them from day one, when people didn’t give us much credit initially because they thought we were just copying Ferrari.”

“I think we have shown several times that we’re not just copying; we are doing our own thing, and I think this year, we’re copying someone else rather than Ferrari—we’re copying Red Bull, everyone else is too! There’s a lot of talent here and a lot of potential that I would like to see fulfilled. There are unfinished businesses to conclude.”

Magnussen Sets Sights on Haas Stay for 2025 Season

Magnussen Sets Sights on Haas Stay for 2025 Season. Magnussen Sets Sights on Haas Stay for 2025 Season

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