Liam Lawson F1 Dream

Lawson’s F1 Dream: Beyond Red Bull Ambition


Liam Lawson aspires to race in Formula 1, cherishing his childhood dream while facing the challenges of a competitive career path.

Even though for Liam Lawson, racing for Red Bull would be a childhood dream come true, ultimately, he just wants to race in F1.

Last season, Lawson stepped in to replace an injured Daniel Ricciardo, who had been promoted mid-season to replace the ousted Nyck de Vries at AlphaTauri (RB F1 today), Red Bull’s junior team.

Lawson competed in five races with the team and scored points at the Singapore Grand Prix, finishing in ninth place. He achieved this feat despite being told 24 hours earlier that he would not drive for the team in 2024, as they had chosen to retain Ricciardo alongside Yuki Tsunoda.

But returning to the role of reserve driver for this year’s championship, a position he holds at both Red Bull and RB, Lawson is looking for a spot on the grid by 2025.

Lawson Eyes F1, Red Bull Dream

Liam Lawson F1 Dream

Marko seemed to suggest during the winter that Lawson would be in an F1 by 2025. Can he confirm?

“Honestly, there’s no fixed timeline for my future, I haven’t had that promise in writing. Obviously, nothing is set in stone. Fundamentally, for me, it’s about staying ready, and I hope we will have an opportunity coming up.”

When asked if he would leave the Red Bull family to achieve a race seat in F1, he replied: “That’s a very Netflix type of question!”

“I want to be… obviously, my dream is to drive with Red Bull. I’ve been with them for over five years now.”

“And believe it or not, when I was a child, it was the team I dreamt of driving for.”

“When I first went to Europe, I saw the junior drivers – at that time, I wasn’t a junior – but I always thought it was so cool that there were these young kids who I was racing against who were sponsored by Red Bull on their gear and had their own mini Formula 1 cars with Red Bull all over them.”

“My dream is to drive for Red Bull, but you know, ultimately, my dream is to drive in Formula 1. So it’s hard to answer that question.”

Lawson’s Alternate Dream: Commentary Over Racing

When he was told that no one would blame him if he was offered to drive elsewhere and he chose to accept, he acknowledged: “yes, I hope so!”

But if being an F1 driver wasn’t an option and the Kiwi had to choose another job in the paddock, he would like to be… a commentator!

“If I wasn’t an F1 driver at some point, I would be a terrible spectator. I find it hard to watch without doing anything, so if I wasn’t driving, maybe I could do commentating, honestly.”

“It might have something to do with my childhood because when I played a Formula 1 game, I would commentate on myself racing. So it’s something I enjoyed doing back then, maybe I would like to do it now.”

“But honestly, I would really struggle initially to watch others if I’m not part of it all. It would take me some time to come to terms with not having had my chance.”

Liam Lawson F1 Dream. Liam Lawson F1 Dream


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