Leclerc Upset with Sainz's Aggressive F1 Sprint Tactics

Leclerc Upset with Sainz’s Aggressive F1 Sprint Tactics


In the recent F1 Sprint in Shanghai, Charles Leclerc criticized Carlos Sainz for overly aggressive driving, sparking tensions within Ferrari.

Charles Leclerc expressed frustration over contact with Carlos Sainz during the Shanghai F1 Sprint. The Ferrari driver was pleased with having a good pace, thinking he had strategically sacrificed the Sprint, but became annoyed after crossing the finish line, stating they needed to talk because the Spaniard defends more against him than against other drivers.

“It’s a positive race, we had worn tires and wanted to keep maximum flexibility for tomorrow. We thought we were sacrificing today’s race to have more options tomorrow, and ultimately the performance was good,” said Leclerc.

“It’s just a bit unfortunate that sometimes we fight more among ourselves than with others. That’s how it is, it’s also good battles, and we’ve had other times when it was the opposite. Today it was beyond the limit and I think Carlos knows it, as I knew the times I’ve gone too far, and we will learn and talk about it for tomorrow.”

The Monegasque explained that talking would be a natural process: “We always talk, especially when there’s contact between the two cars because that’s when we need to discuss to avoid such situations. Today it was beyond the limit, but I’m sure we’ll discuss it and it will be better tomorrow.”

The discussion should go well, as Sainz had no ill intentions: “I apologize if I crossed the line, but we were all racing hard today and I did my best to maintain control.”

Sainz also commented on the contact initiated by Fernando Alonso in circumstances similar to his attack on Leclerc: “I managed to overtake him, but I think he was then too optimistic, trying to pass me back and he pushed me off the track. This damaged my car.”

Leclerc Upset with Sainz's Aggressive F1 Sprint Tactics

Leclerc Upset with Sainz’s Aggressive F1 Sprint Tactics. Leclerc Upset with Sainz’s Aggressive F1 Sprint Tactics

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