Leclerc Ferrari Jeddah Challenge

Leclerc Doubts Ferrari’s Edge at Fast Jeddah Circuit


Charles Leclerc expresses concerns about Ferrari’s SF-24 at the high-speed Jeddah circuit, predicting challenges ahead for the team.

Charles Leclerc is skeptical that Ferrari will find comfort at Jeddah, a circuit predominantly featuring high-speed turns. The Scuderia team member believes the SF-24 might face more challenges there.

“I don’t believe this circuit characteristic plays to our main strength. It seems we are stronger in medium-speed corners,” admits the Monegasque.

“I also think we’ve always performed well in Bahrain. Hence, I prefer to wait a few more races to identify our weaknesses and strengths, as it’s probably too early to say at the moment.”

Ferrari Progress, Red Bull Gap

Leclerc commends Ferrari’s efforts over the winter, noting that although there’s still a significant gap to Red Bull, the Scuderia has significantly closed in and now has a more predictable car than its predecessor.

“Bahrain was more or less what we expected, maybe a bit better. We’re focusing on the braking issue we had during the race; we’ve worked on it and hope to solve it. We’re in a much better position than last year.”

“The areas we need to work on are very clear, but we’re in a positive period within the team. We had a good winter, achieved all our goals, and the car does exactly what we wanted. It’s hard to judge after just one race.”

Leclerc Hopeful, Challenges Ahead

Leclerc doubts Ferrari’s capability to challenge Red Bull at the moment but remains hopeful that significant progress will soon aid the Scuderia.

“Not for now, but I believe we’re in a much better position than last year. After the first race, we’ve been more focused on solving issues than on future improvements.”

“This year, the car is in a much better position, right where we expected it to be. Now we can focus on upcoming improvements. Things seem to be getting better, but Max is still too far ahead.”

Despite a minor on-track battle in the opening round with teammate Carlos Sainz, who will leave Ferrari at the season’s end, Leclerc is not concerned about their relationship.

“I believe we always try to fight to the limit, but with the understanding that Ferrari comes first, and therefore we can’t take too many risks. We have a good relationship off the track and try to find the right balance, and I think we’ve achieved it.”

Leclerc Ferrari Jeddah Challenge. Leclerc Ferrari Jeddah Challenge


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