Leclerc Eyes Elusive Monaco Win with F1 Ferrari

Ferrari Targets Leclerc’s Home Triumph in Monaco


Ferrari seeks to end Leclerc’s Monaco drought, refining upgrades this weekend to boost his chances at a long-awaited home victory.

Ferrari will continue to refine its upgrades this weekend in Monaco, following their introduction last week at Imola. Team principal Fred Vasseur explains that the Scuderia hopes to support Charles Leclerc, a past pole-sitter at his home circuit, in finally securing a victory on his home turf.

“A few days ago, it was our home race at Imola, and this weekend, Charles will be on his home ground in Monaco—a race that represents unfinished business for him. We would like to help him bring it to a close,” Vasseur stated.

“Carlos also loves racing in the Principality, where he secured his first podium driving for Ferrari. Both drivers are very motivated. It is widely acknowledged that with the current generation of cars, overtaking here is more challenging than on any other circuit on the calendar.”

“This means qualifying is even more critical than usual. We are looking to make a step forward on a single lap because, so far this season, we have not been the fastest. With this in mind, we have worked hard in the simulator and during engineering meetings, preparing everything in minute detail.”

One of the Most Famous Grand Prix in the World

Ferrari has another Monegasque in its ranks, Arthur Leclerc. Charles’ brother is a development driver for the Scuderia and is eagerly anticipating seeing the Formula 1 cars race on the winding streets of Monaco.

“The Monaco Grand Prix means everything to us. It’s where we were born, went to school, and where our loved ones live. Monte Carlo is a small town and the Principality is a small country, so naturally, we receive a lot of support from the local population,” said Leclerc.

“Every year, our family and friends come, and it’s fun because the track is just a few hundred meters from our home. Of course, beyond our personal lives, the Monaco Grand Prix is a historic circuit, one of the most famous—if not the most famous—Grand Prix in the world, and the atmosphere is incredible.”

“Being a Monegasque Driver Racing in Monaco is Special”

Leclerc Eyes Elusive Monaco Win with F1 Ferrari

“It only enhances the uniqueness of being a Monegasque driver racing in Monaco. Last year, I raced there in Formula 2 and, although the weekend was disappointing, it was truly special to race in my hometown, surrounded by my family, with Charles.”

“Confidence for Maximum Precision”

The Monaco circuit is a unique challenge, demanding precision from the drivers with no room for error throughout the lap. Arthur Leclerc explains that drivers need to be exact with every steering input.

“The Monaco Grand Prix is special not only because of the glamour and history of the race but also because it is a very unusual circuit on the winding streets of Monte Carlo. To be fast here, you need maximum precision.”

“It is fascinating to watch a qualifying session in slow motion, for example, and see drivers brushing the wall with the inside wheel. To achieve this extreme precision while being fast, it is crucial to gradually build confidence in the car.”

“Every minute of every session counts towards gaining this confidence. Ultimately, it is the work done over the weekend that makes the difference between a driver confident enough to push in qualifying and one who is cautious and takes time to get up to speed.”

“Driving an F1 Car is Insane”

Although he won’t be behind the wheel this weekend, Arthur Leclerc recently drove the Ferrari F1-75 at Fiorano, marking his second outing in a modern Formula 1 car. These first experiences left a significant impression on him.

“This year, I’m working on the Scuderia’s development program. I help the team develop the car and prepare for races in the simulator, but to complete the program, I’ve also had the opportunity to drive an F1 car twice, in January at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona and in May at Fiorano.”

“Driving a Formula 1 car is insane. I’ll never forget the first time I jumped into an F1 car in Barcelona. The car felt incredibly fast right away, as soon as I exited the pits. I could feel the power and the car’s handling, especially compared to the Formula 2 cars I was used to.”

“In fact, it felt more like a Formula 3 car in terms of downforce and power. Of course, many things were new to me, but it was incredible to share the track with Charles, especially driving a Ferrari. For me, it was a dream come true and a truly crazy experience. I can’t wait to do it again!”

Leclerc Eyes Elusive Monaco Win with F1 Ferrari

Leclerc Eyes Elusive Monaco Win with F1 Ferrari. Leclerc Eyes Elusive Monaco Win with F1 Ferrari. f1 2024 Monaco Leclerc Eyes Elusive Monaco Win with F1 Ferrari

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