Leclerc Excited for Hamilton's Ferrari Move

Leclerc Excited for Hamilton’s Ferrari Move


Charles Leclerc anticipates learning from Lewis Hamilton at Ferrari, ready for the challenge and collaboration.

Charles Leclerc is eager to collaborate with Lewis Hamilton at Ferrari. The two have been spotted conversing on several occasions recently, and the Monegasque driver believes he can learn from his future teammate while facing a formidable challenge.

“Of course, I’ll learn from Lewis,” Leclerc told Fox Sports Australia. “It’s also a chance for me to demonstrate my capabilities, which I view as an exciting challenge. I think it’s going to be great.”

Leclerc knew well before anyone else that Hamilton could sign with Ferrari but admits he was surprised that it was even a possibility: “I’ve known for a few months that it was a possibility, that it was on the table. I was still surprised to learn there was a chance it could happen.”

However, he also praises his relationship with Carlos Sainz and the work they have done together for Ferrari: “I’ve had an extraordinary relationship with Carlos. We’ve had amazing years together, but also tougher years as a team.”

“The performance wasn’t exactly what we hoped for, but we worked very well together and look forward to this last year to finish it in the best way possible.”

“Afterward, Lewis will join the team, which is an incredible challenge for me again, as he is the most decorated driver in F1 history. It will be fantastic to have him in the garage, by my side.”

Carlos Sainz noted that Ferrari has made operational progress: “It’s a more structured team. We’ve made significant advances in terms of car performance, but also in race execution, over the weekends.”

“It’s a much stronger team than we had a year or two ago, so I’m proud of the progress. I’ll make the most of this stronger team we’ve built together this year to try for more podiums and wins, and see where that takes me next.”

Leclerc Excited for Hamilton’s Ferrari Move. Leclerc Excited for Hamilton’s Ferrari Move


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