Krack Stroll Condemn 'Harsh' FIA Penalty Decision

Krack, Stroll Condemn ‘Harsh’ FIA Penalty Decision


Amid controversy, Aston Martin F1 defends Lance Stroll’s actions in the Chinese Grand Prix, challenging the swift FIA penalties imposed.

Lance Stroll made a significant error at the last Chinese Grand Prix. Behind the safety car, the Aston Martin F1 driver misjudged the braking of the drivers ahead of him and collided with the rear of Daniel Ricciardo’s car, leading to the retirement of the RB F1.

The stewards penalized Lance Stroll with a 10-second penalty and two penalty points.

Over the radio immediately after, Stroll thought it was “a joke”… which angered the usually calm Daniel Ricciardo (see our article)!

Despite the evidence and the penalty imposed by the stewards, the Aston Martin F1 team remains adamant: Lance Stroll was innocent…

“It’s just because I ran into him,” the Canadian still insists today.

Self-criticism is not forthcoming, even though Stroll was the only driver involved in such an incident at the restart.

“I received a penalty because I hit Ricciardo, but it’s not as if everything was normal and I just crashed into the back of him.”

“There was a really strange accordion effect and I wish the FIA had taken it into consideration maybe a little more. Someone brakes at the front of the pack and everyone stops. The car in front of me stopped from 60 to zero km/h. It was one of those stupid incidents. I was in his gearbox and ready for the restart, but I was unlucky. We were having a good race at that time, it’s a shame.”

Krack backs his driver and blames the FIA

Mike Krack, Lance Stroll’s boss, will not question his driver’s error in judgment either: clearly, the team led by Lawrence stands united.

“The stewards have been tough on Lance and Fernando recently. This weekend too. In sprint races at Shanghai, at Melbourne.”

“A very, very swift verdict without really understanding the situation… I found it to be very, very quick and very harsh, a very rapid decision.”

“I think it was a chain reaction at the end. You saw Fernando lock up and another car behind, and I think everyone got a bit trapped.”

“At that point, we were happy not to have lost both cars because I think it started further ahead.”

“I wish this issue had been looked into a bit more thoroughly. We tried to discuss it, but the verdict came very quickly. He received a 10-second penalty, and on top of that, we had damage to the front wing…”

“These situations are created at the front of the grid.”

“You can always say that you need to be more cautious. But on the other hand, if you are too cautious, take a new start, and lose more than a car length, everyone wonders if you are sleeping. These kinds of things happen on different circuits.”

Mike Krack even dares a bold comparison with Mugello 2020…

“Do you remember the incident we had at Mugello in 2020, where many cars were involved? It’s always some erratic movement that happens during a safety car restart. It happens every year and it will continue.”

The Luxembourger goes on to consider that other incidents of this kind have not been sanctioned by the FIA in the past…

“Yes, I mean, you can see it however you want. Last time, it was the car in front that was penalized in Melbourne, you remember, even without contact, this time, it’s the car behind.”

“Lance can spin at Bahrain in the first lap, he has to come back through the pack and there’s no penalty for the one who caused the collision. So again, we’re not super consistent (at the FIA)… That’s the feeling.”

Finally, Mike Krack regrets that the stewards may not be more interested in the case of… Max Verstappen, who sets the pace for the pack (and thus slows it down).

“It’s frustrating. On the other hand, everyone is human.”

“I think everyone is trying to do their best, and it’s frustrating, but the best recipe is to have a fast car and get away. Max doesn’t get such penalties. So it’s up to us to try to emulate him.”

Krack Stroll Condemn 'Harsh' FIA Penalty Decision

Krack Stroll Condemn ‘Harsh’ FIA Penalty Decision. Krack Stroll Condemn ‘Harsh’ FIA Penalty Decision

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