Krack Challenges Alonso with a Tough F1 Decision

Will Krack’s Strategy Keep Alonso at Aston Martin?


Aston Martin’s Krack vows to make Alonso’s F1 future decision tough, hinting at strong team performance ahead.

Aston Martin F1 Team Principal Mike Krack has called on the team to “respect” Fernando Alonso’s desire to take time to decide whether he wishes to continue in F1 next season and, if so, with whom.

But if it’s a retirement or a team switch Alonso is considering, Krack aims to make this decision as “difficult as possible” for him, indicating his team would continue to perform well.

It was widely believed that the Spaniard would remain with Aston Martin at least until 2025, but unexpected opportunities are opening up at Mercedes F1 and possibly Red Bull.

“The situation hasn’t changed for two weeks. Fernando has made it clear to everyone that he needs to decide what he wants to do with HIS future,” Krack stated.

“He also mentioned that if he decides to continue, he would first have discussions with us, which is very pleasing to hear. And then we’ll have to see what happens in the coming weeks; there will be discussions, further discussions.”

“But as I said, the first thing we need to respect is Fernando’s decision, asking us for time to think about what he wants to do. When you have such a champion in your team, you need to give him that time. And you need to respect his request.”

While a move to Red Bull would be hard for Alonso to turn down, Krack is not afraid of Alonso leaving for Mercedes F1 without a second thought, just because of the team’s past achievements.

“We might be able to influence the decision. If we provide him with a good car for the upcoming races, I think we might have a chance to make the decision easier. We are at Mercedes’ level this year.”

“These champions do not want to drive for 10th position, nor for sixth or fifth place; they want to win, and it’s up to us to deliver to both drivers the car that allows them to do that.”

“And if we manage to do so, then we want to make the decision as difficult as possible for him by giving him the best car possible.”

Krack Challenges Alonso with a Tough F1 Decision

Krack Challenges Alonso with a Tough F1 Decision. Krack Challenges Alonso with a Tough F1 Decision.


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