Kovalainen Resumes F1 Commentary After Surgery

Kovalainen Resumes F1 Commentary After Surgery


Post heart surgery, Heikki Kovalainen returns to F1 commentary, adapting to a new normal from home.

Heikki Kovalainen is on the road to recovery following an open-heart surgery.

In March, it was revealed that the former Formula 1 driver, aged 42, had to halt his rallying career after doctors discovered an aortic enlargement during a routine check.

He underwent surgery shortly thereafter.

Now, after having fully rested for some time, the former McLaren and Renault driver has resumed his F1 commentary role during the recent Chinese Grand Prix weekend.

“The recovery is going very well in all respects,” said the Finn. “But recovery is a lengthy process.”

Kovalainen, who clinched a victory at the 2008 Hungarian Grand Prix alongside teammate Lewis Hamilton, did not travel to Shanghai nor appeared in Viaplay studios.

“It was nice to be with Viaplay this weekend,” he stated, “even though I was not yet in front of the cameras. But I felt fit enough to participate in some sessions via video from home.”

“There are still a few minor challenges with my voice—my throat is a bit sore and that’s why I’m not yet participating in studio sessions.”

“But my health is good—no pain after the surgery. In a few months, we’ll see what the situation is with the doctors.”

Kovalainen Resumes F1 Commentary After Surgery

Kovalainen Resumes F1 Commentary After Surgery. Kovalainen Resumes F1 Commentary After Surgery

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