Komatsu Predicts Swift Driver Signings by May End

Komatsu Predicts Swift Driver Signings by May End


Haas F1 team manager Komatsu forecasts rapid driver signings as the transfer market heats up, with major changes expected by May.

Haas F1 has not yet entered the transfer market, although the team could potentially renew its entire driver lineup. Nico Hülkenberg has officially left Haas to join Stake F1 with the Audi project in sight, and Kevin Magnussen has not been particularly convincing.

Ollie Bearman is a priority for Haas boss Ayao Komatsu, who knows he must act quickly as the market will accelerate in the coming weeks, if not days. According to him, it will take a month for most situations to resolve.

“As I said, there is clearly a team (Stake/Audi F1) pushing for the driver market to move quickly,” Komatsu stated.

“It’s hard to say, maybe in the next two months. By the end of May, I think most drivers will have signed. That’s what I foresee.”

Komatsu is aware that he needs to act very quickly when signing drivers, as he knows some are close to securing their new team: “That’s the market. If you do nothing during this time, everyone is already signed.”

“Of course, everyone is active right now, but honestly, for some drivers, it could be this week, next week. Others might do it during the European part of the season.”

“I’m proactive. You have to be proactive in these cases. If you’re not proactive, you simply lose. You have to be aware of the market and do your best. I’m trying to do my best with all the help I can get.”

Komatsu is convinced that he can easily identify his team’s needs in terms of drivers, especially given his previous more technical role: “With my technical experience, I know what type of driver we need.”

“Especially when you consider our team, our situation, the type of capability we have or lack, it defines the type of driver we need, and the type of driver combination we need. From this perspective, I think our goal is reasonably clear.”

Komatsu Predicts Swift Driver Signings by May End

Komatsu Predicts Swift Driver Signings by May End. Komatsu Predicts Swift Driver Signings by May End

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