Key's Strategic Plan for Audi Advancement by F1 2027
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Key’s Strategic Plan for Audi Advancement by 2027


As it approaches its two-year existence, the Stake F1 Team is aware that it will become Audi in 2026. However, the arrival of the German manufacturer’s name won’t be miraculous, and James Key, the team’s technical director, explains that the Audi project will truly be on track by 2027.

“Regarding the next steps, there is a very important and well-documented plan,” Key stated. “We are already implementing it. Attracting all the right talents to the team to join the very good talents already there is obviously a priority on which we are working hard in the background.”

“Of course, there is a waiting period for people, with gardening periods. So, we are aware of that. We certainly aren’t waiting for this, there are many things we can do now without additional staff, etc.”

“But ultimately, to achieve our goals, we must grow in all key areas, and in fact in every area. Everyone needs to step up, no matter where we are in this process.”

“So, that’s the short-term ambition, exactly what we’re doing right now, working closely with Andreas Seidl on this for 2024, as well as for the future. Then we will see how we progress.”

“I think ultimately, we probably won’t achieve the final product we are aiming for until the end of 2027, as there is still a lot to do. But we will be in much better shape as we approach 2026. And that will give us the opportunity to take the step forward we need.”

James Key has returned to the team, 13 years after his departure, and finds it very solid: “The team is growing, it’s actually a very young team, even though I feel very old now at Sauber. I felt very young when I joined it before! But it continues to develop.”

“I think the period of stability it has had with the current main shareholder has been very beneficial for it. It has been able to develop in these conditions. And now, it obviously has exciting steps to take in the very near future.”

“I think it’s largely about consolidating what’s been achieved. I think as a relatively new member of the team, you can see where there is potential, you can recognize that there is a gap that we can easily fill with the talent we have in the team, or with the facilities we already have in the team.”

Key’s Strategic Plan for Audi Advancement by F1 2027. Key’s Strategic Plan for Audi Advancement by F1 2027

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