Kevin Magnussen Season 2023

Kevin Magnussen Opens Up on Haas’ Tough Season


Haas driver Kevin Magnussen has shared insights into the challenges the team faced this season 2023 and his perspective on Haas’ future. Magnussen emphasized the significance of unity within the team and acknowledged that, like every other team member, he is both part of the problem and the solution.

Team Unity Over Blame: Kevin Magnussen Season 2023

“I don’t think pointing fingers helps the team,” Magnussen told the German branch of Motorsport.com, emphasizing the importance of teamwork in Formula 1. “We are all involved and accountable. I don’t want to come across as a saint. I am part of the problem, just like every team member at Haas,” admits the driver. Haas F1 team finished the 2023 season in the last position in the constructor’s championship with only twelve points.

Despite the challenges, the Danish driver strongly believes in the team’s potential and its ability to bounce back. He emphasized the need for Haas to stay united and recover, citing the team’s past successes. “We need to stick together and make a comeback as we have done in the past. This team has already shown great potential, and it’s time for us to consistently achieve our goals because I believe the talent and potential in this team are very high,” said Magnussen.

Magnussen’s Optimism Amid Challenges

Remarkably, Magnussen provided insights into his early realization that Haas’ car would not be competitive enough this season. He based his warning on past experiences, recalling a similar situation in 2019. Despite the similarities, he pointed out that the various technical specifications of the cars made a direct comparison challenging.

Despite the setbacks in the past season, the Dane remains positive. “I think, as always when it’s so challenging, you learn a lot of things that you wouldn’t have learned if it had gone smoothly,” he noted. “It’s character-building, and it makes you stronger. You become more resilient. We are building resilience for difficult times,” he added. Concluding, Magnussen looked forward to a better future. “This is not something I enjoy. I haven’t enjoyed this year so much, but there’s always a new day to fight. And next year is another great opportunity for us,” he concluded optimistically.

Kevin Magnussen Season 2023 Kevin Magnussen Season 2023

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