Jordan Criticizes Fisichella Schumacher F1 1997

Eddie Jordan, in David Coulthard‘s podcast, revealed an instance of fierce criticism towards his drivers. This occurred in 1997, when Giancarlo Fisichella and Ralf Schumacher collided at the Luxembourg Grand Prix at the Nürburgring.

“Our 1997 car was particularly strong, and I believe that when Giancarlo was in second place, he wasn’t willing to give up his position to Ralf, who was significantly faster,” Jordan reflected on the Nürburgring race.

“They reached the hairpin turn and crashed into each other. I completely lost it. Even the most liberal country in the world would censor what I said to them, such was my ferocity.”

“I called them both absolute idiots. I told them they didn’t deserve to be in the car and that I would take action against them. I went down, but I never saw the humorous side of it, because in my view, they cost us dearly.”

A Punishment to Convey the Stakes

This was their second clash, following Schumacher knocking Fisichella out to achieve a podium in Argentina. Jordan required his drivers to arrive at the factory at the same hours as the mechanics repairing their cars, to make them understand the consequences of their actions.

“We had never won a Grand Prix by then. In the previous years, we had secured pole position with Ralf, and with Rubens [Barrichello] at Spa.”

“We could sense that things were starting to turn slightly in our favor again. Benson & Hedges had joined the team, and we had a good chance of securing funding from Deutsche Post and others.”

“I felt really good about the team and believed we had some brilliant young engineers. I saw their actions as a lack of respect for the team itself. I made them sit down and reminded them.”

“I had them sit for a week while they repaired the cars in the garage, at the factory, and ensured they came to England and worked the same hours as the mechanics because I wanted them to see the pain they had inflicted on the rest of the team. I’m not even talking about the financial stress or pain, but just the unnecessary aggravation they caused to the team.”

Jordan Criticizes Fisichella Schumacher. Jordan Criticizes Fisichella Schumacher

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