Hülkenberg's Optimistic Start in Japan

Hülkenberg Hits Peak in 12th, Magnussen Lags at 18th


Nico Hülkenberg surpasses expectations at the Japanese track, securing a promising position for tomorrow’s race.

Nico Hülkenberg cleared Q1 in Japan, despite Haas F1’s expectations of struggling on the Japanese track. The German driver is pleased, knowing that better is ahead for him tomorrow, and he is content with his starting position.

“I am truly happy and very satisfied with the performance; those were clean laps, and I enjoyed the qualifying,” Hülkenberg stated. “Last year, I had a challenging session, so this time I really wanted to have a clean one.”

“I believe we really maximized our package, even though it’s really unfortunate to have narrowly missed Q3, as it was definitely achievable for us. Yesterday, things didn’t look so good in FP1, and as expected, our package isn’t very suited to Suzuka, so I am taking this 12th place with a bit of pleasure.”

As often is the case, it was more complicated for Kevin Magnussen, who will start from the second-to-last row tomorrow: “We improved the car for the qualifying, but we started quite far from where we ended up with yesterday’s settings.”

“The preparation for the qualifying wasn’t the cleanest, we will use these settings tomorrow, but we have improved the car and its consistency – it just lacks a bit of pace.”

“We knew this track wasn’t going to be our favorite, but on top of that, from our side of the garage, we might have missed the mark a bit in getting the right rhythm in the weekend’s preparation.”

“Regardless, we have a race to run tomorrow, and I hope that, as with the first three races of the season, we can make up ground and score some points. We will certainly try.”

Hülkenberg Hits Peak in 12th Magnussen Lags at 18th

Hülkenberg’s Optimistic Start in Japan. Hülkenberg’s Optimistic Start in Japan

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