Hulkenberg Haas Saudi Point F1 2024

Hülkenberg Secures Valuable Point for Haas in Saudi


In the competitive realm of Formula 1, Nico Hülkenberg’s strategic play earned Haas F1 a crucial point in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, highlighting the team’s tactical acumen.

Nico Hülkenberg expressed his satisfaction at securing a point for Haas F1 in Saudi Arabia. Four teams have yet to score, and the American outfit played its strategy perfectly by delaying the driver’s pit stop and then instructing Kevin Magnussen to slow down their rivals.

“I just went on the attack, I think it was tougher for Kevin, who really did everything for the team and for me. And it paid off in the end, we scored a point and that’s valuable these days,” stated Hülkenberg.

“There are the top five teams, and if no one has a problem, there are no points up for grabs. So, you need to be there when opportunities like today present themselves. It’s good that we did, the car was good, and I was able to maintain a strong pace, especially in the second stint, which was enjoyable.”

He revealed that he had already thanked Magnussen right after the race: “Yes, after the race, I told him I would return the favor in the future.”

The German acknowledged that the race was physically demanding: “This track is very intense, it forces you to always be there, always present, because you can’t rest. It might be the most intense circuit because there’s a lot of speed, the slightest mistake is costly, and no one wants that.”

Magnussen apologized for squeezing Alex Albon into the wall and was pleased to have helped his team: “The first time, I didn’t want to make contact, the walls come up fast and I misjudged it. We showed good pace but then I got another penalty with Tsunoda.”

“It wasn’t a good day for me, but I managed to make up for it by keeping everyone behind for Nico’s pit stop. That was important, we’re not fighting among the drivers, what matters is the drivers’ standings. It’s huge, we deserved it, and what matters is seeing that we have pace, for the second race in a row.”

Hülkenberg Haas Saudi Point F1 2024. Hülkenberg Haas Saudi Point F1 2024.


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