Horner's Case May Hit Employment Tribunal Soon

Horner’s Case May Hit Employment Tribunal Soon


Fiona Hewitson may take her case against Horner to an employment tribunal, highlighting ongoing disputes within the F1 sphere.

Should the attempts to address the issue through Red Bull’s internal investigation, the FIA Ethics Committee, or the UK courts not yield results, Fiona Hewitson would likely turn to an employment tribunal in England.

The Australian Grand Prix break offered more enjoyment of Formula 1’s sporting aspect than the dark maneuvers behind the scenes, witnessing a rare event – a Red Bull Racing defeat.

Ferrari’s one-two finish in Melbourne was a breath of fresh air for early risers who watched the race on TV and commentators who could finally focus on the track action.

However, the resolution of the “Horner Gate” situation remains uncertain due to a judicial calendar that might dictate the pace.

While discreet negotiations are taking place within the Red Bull cosmos to find a compromise allowing all parties to save face, the young woman at the center of the controversy refuses to close the chapter without achieving her desired outcome – and this isn’t about financial compensation, contrary to what has been suggested.

Christian Horner might step aside to appease American partners threatening to boycott the winged bull cans: his Thai ally Chalerm Youvidhya (the group’s major shareholder) would ensure his promotion to the top of the company, in charge of global sports marketing, including F1, but without a constant presence on the field.

The split seems final with Helmut Marko and the Verstappen camp, potentially leading to the departure of the three-time World Champion in 2025 and causing a real earthquake in the paddock, although we are not (officially) there yet…

Meanwhile, Fiona Hewitson (pictured left above) has changed lawyers and strategy, demanding a review of the internal investigation’s verdict after being suspended by her employer without explanation.

According to the reputable British daily, The Guardian, she has filed a complaint with the FIA Ethics Committee and threatens to do the same in civil court, at an employment tribunal, which would make her case public in a move demanding transparency, in stark contrast to the confidentiality of the Red Bull-requested investigation that cleared Horner.

In short, the matter is far from settled and could still see many twists and turns with multiple consequences in the weeks to come.

Horner’s Case May Hit Employment Tribunal Soon. Horner’s Case May Hit Employment Tribunal Soon


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