Horner's Accuser Files Official FIA Complaint

Horner’s Accuser Files Official FIA Complaint


Christian Horner’s conduct is under scrutiny as the FIA receives an official complaint, initiating a complex investigation.

Christian Horner’s accuser has filed an official complaint against him with the FIA, the BBC reports this afternoon.

An employee, who was suspended by Red Bull, has lodged a complaint with the governing body of Formula 1’s ethics committee.

Horner was subject to an investigation conducted by an independent lawyer following her complaints about his behavior but was cleared by Red Bull GmbH of any wrongdoing.

She is asking Red Bull to reconsider its decision through an appeal that has ultimately been filed by new lawyers in the last few hours, according to the Press Association. This represents the last attempt at mediation before potential legal action.

In parallel, a procedure has been filed with the FIA. According to the BBC, an initial complaint was filed with the FIA on February 2, and a second one on March 6.

“BBC Sport has learned that one of the complaints was directed to the FIA’s ethics and compliance hotline on February 2, directly referencing Horner’s behavior towards an employee, requesting the FIA to investigate the matter, and expressing fear that Red Bull might attempt to cover it up.”

“The second complaint, from March 6, referenced the first and warned that the whistleblower would then inform the media,” which was done through an anonymous email to the entire F1 paddock.

The FIA has not responded to BBC’s requests for comments on these matters.

A spokesperson for Red Bull Racing stated they were unaware of the complaint to the FIA and did not wish to make any further comments.

Horner’s Accuser Files Official FIA Complaint. Horner’s Accuser Files Official FIA Complaint


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