Horner Red Bull Investigation Silence

Horner Silent on Red Bull Probe at Bahrain Meet


At the Bahrain press conference, Christian Horner remained tight-lipped about the ongoing Red Bull investigation.

Christian Horner, the Team Principal of Red Bull Racing, attended the team principals’ press conference in Bahrain today.

Even when a journalist sought further details on the ongoing investigation at Red Bull involving him, Horner could not divulge any information.

“As you’re aware, there’s a process underway that involves me. However, since I’m part of this process, I’m afraid I can’t comment on it.”

He was also questioned about when the investigation might become clearer, but the team boss was unable to provide any insights on the matter.

“Listen, I’m terribly sorry but I simply cannot discuss the process or its timeline. Obviously, everyone would like a conclusion as soon as possible, but I’m really not at liberty to comment on the process.”

Beside him, Zak Brown, the CEO of McLaren, addressed the question regarding Horner, following Toto Wolff’s comments the day before.

“Well, the allegations are extremely serious. McLaren, and all the men and women at McLaren, adhere to the highest standards.”

“Clearly, diversity, equality, and inclusion are of utmost importance to us, our partners, and everyone in Formula 1.”

“It appears Red Bull Corporation has initiated an investigation.”

“And all we hope and assume is that it will be conducted in a very transparent manner, as the FIA and Formula 1 have stated, it needs to be resolved swiftly, because I don’t think these are the types of headlines Formula 1 wants or needs right now.”

“I just think it’s important that it’s handled in a transparent way where there’s no doubt, absolutely no doubt that it has been dealt with appropriately and whatever the outcome, that outcome will be the result of an investigation carried out in a transparent and proper manner.”

Horner Red Bull Investigation Silence. Horner Red Bull Investigation Silence


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