Horner Drive to Survive Case

Horner Case Feature in New Drive to Survive Season


Producer James Gay Rees confirms the Christian Horner case will be highlighted in Netflix’s Drive to Survive, sparking discussions.

The case involving Christian Horner will indeed be addressed in the upcoming season of Drive to Survive, according to producer James Gay Rees.

The question is a valid one since the F1’s official site, managed by FOM, has not once mentioned this case since it broke in February.

Liberty Media thus seems reluctant to cover this aspect of the sport, so why would it be any different in Drive to Survive, the Netflix series dedicated to F1?

“It will need to be referenced to a certain extent,” James Gay Rees told the Telegraph.

“And everyone will want it to be told in a certain way, so it’s about walking that line to keep everyone happy, and so that Netflix and we are happy – so we can sleep at night with the decisions we’ve made.”

“There has to be a balance. I think Horner looks like he’s getting through it for now, but I don’t feel like it’s over yet. It all depends on how things unfold from here.”

“I don’t know what he did – and I really don’t have an opinion on that, but he’s lived through it and you wouldn’t wish that on anybody.”

Horner Drive to Survive Case. Horner Drive to Survive Case


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