Horner Cleared Red Bull

Horner Speaks After Red Bull Clears Him


Following his clearance by Red Bull, Christian Horner breaks his silence. He remains focused on the upcoming F1 season and the defense of their titles.

Christian Horner has publicly spoken for the first time since being cleared by Red Bull.

The investigation into his conduct ultimately led the parent company to dismiss the complaint against him yesterday, 24 hours before the start of today’s free practice for the Bahrain F1 Grand Prix, which kicks off the season.

Horner will retain his role as general manager and director of the Red Bull Racing team.

“Listen, I’m just glad the process is over,” he shared this morning upon his arrival in the paddock.

“I obviously can’t comment on the investigation.”

“Here, we are very focused on the Grand Prix, the upcoming season, and trying to defend our two titles.”

The complainant against Horner still has the right to appeal the investigation’s decision.

When asked if he hoped the matter would be finally settled, Horner replied: “I can’t make any further comments.”

“The process has been conducted and concluded.”

Horner was asked if he regretted that the affair had become public.

“Listen, once again, I’m afraid I can’t make any further comments on that.”

“I’m happy to be here in Bahrain, with the team, focused on the upcoming season.”

Horner was photographed in the Bahrain paddock, as usual, one day after being cleared.

It’s significant that he was seen discussing with Jos Verstappen, Max’s father, in the Red Bull hospitality area.

Unconfirmed rumors had already hinted at internal tensions that might have involved Jos.

Horner insisted that Red Bull is united: “Within the team, it has never been stronger, that’s all I can tell you.”

Horner Cleared Red Bull. Horner Cleared Red Bull


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