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Honda, Aston Martin Gear Up for 2026 F1 Project


Honda sets to revolutionize Formula 1 with Aston Martin in 2026, emphasizing durability and a new power unit strategy.

Currently supplying both Red Bull teams, Honda is already working on its new Formula 1 constructor project, set for an exclusive collaboration with Aston Martin starting in 2026.

While most power unit developments are frozen until the new regulations take effect, Honda Racing Corporation’s boss, Koji Watanabe, emphasized this week that HRC is still focused on “durability and reliability” for Red Bull.

“There are always minor weaknesses that can emerge towards the end of life, and just because it doesn’t break, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fixed.”

Watanabe states that “Honda is determined to win a fourth consecutive world championship with Red Bull this season,” but also admitted that a lot of work is already underway for the new Aston Martin-Honda project for 2026 and beyond.

Honda’s New F1 Power Unit Evolution

“Under the new regulations, the keys to victory will be small, light, and high-efficiency engines, high-performance batteries capable of handling large amounts of energy, and state-of-the-art energy management technology. HRC is therefore currently developing an entirely new power unit.”

“We are moving at a fast pace. We have built very good relationships with Aston Martin and have begun to collaborate on both technical and marketing aspects.”

To this end, Watanabe also revealed that Honda is seeking a new European headquarters for its F1 operations for 2026.

“Honda needs a frontline base for Honda F1 in Europe to reintegrate into the championship,” he stated, hinting at the fact that operations had been scaled down in the context of the current engine freeze after easing its agreements with Red Bull at the end of 2021.

“Honda is currently preparing the establishment of such a frontline base. As for specific details, we will be ready to discuss them as things progress.”

Honda Aston Martin F1. Honda Aston Martin F1


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