Hamilton Struggle Ferrari Schumacher

Hamilton Might Struggle at Ferrari, Says Schumacher


Ralf Schumacher expresses doubts about Lewis Hamilton’s potential to outperform Charles Leclerc at Ferrari, highlighting the challenges ahead in the 2024 season.

Another Formula 1 personality thinks Lewis Hamilton might struggle to keep pace with Charles Leclerc at Ferrari next year.

Already this week, former Renault boss Flavio Briatore stated that if Hamilton were at Maranello now, “he would be doing the same things as Leclerc” and might even be “humiliated” (read here).

“In the end, he might find it difficult to stay ahead of Charles because he is one of those drivers who don’t make much effort if the car isn’t good.”

Ralf Schumacher, a former F1 driver, agrees with this assessment.

“Hamilton needs to feel he can win to be able to drive fast. So the question is: will he stay relevant as the new regulations come into play in 2026?”

“With the new rules, the driving style changes too, and that could pose challenges for him.”

Ralf even doubts Hamilton’s vast experience would benefit Ferrari much.

“He will certainly bring his expertise and ideas. But I think Ferrari is already on the right track. Hamilton won’t be able to contribute much.”

However, he doesn’t say Frédéric Vasseur was unwise to hire Hamilton.

“I’m sure Vasseur wouldn’t be paying so much money for nothing. He will offer and give everything to Hamilton to ensure he can perform.”

“But I’m curious to see who will lead the way between him and Charles. It will be a challenge for the team to give these two very different drivers what they need.”

Schumacher thinks the Hamilton-Leclerc duo could even be destabilizing for Ferrari.

“Hamilton will immediately try to outperform Leclerc. He will also try to convince the engineers and those in charge of car development to follow his path.”

Schumacher admits if he were a team director and had to choose between Hamilton and three-time world champion Max Verstappen, the decision would be easy.

“Hamilton is of course a seven-time world champion and a fantastic driver. But I don’t think he has the qualities of Verstappen. I don’t think he’s as consistent as Verstappen.”

“And he can’t find that extra tenth at any cost. You can clearly notice it when you look at their teammates. But that doesn’t mean Ferrari can’t achieve great things with Hamilton.”

“Ferrari is already very good, and I think it will be so next year too.”

Hamilton Struggle Ferrari Schumacher. Hamilton Struggle Ferrari Schumacher


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