Hamilton Eyes 'Awkward Talks' with Wolff for 2025 Shift

Hamilton Eyes ‘Awkward Talks’ with Wolff for 2025 Shift


As Hamilton gears up for his 2025 switch to Ferrari, he anticipates awkward discussions with Toto Wolff.

The seven-time world champion will depart Mercedes F1 at the end of the year, yet Hamilton is already concerned about initiating preparations for 2025 with his new team, Ferrari.

“At some point, I will have to start awkward conversations with Toto,” the British driver conceded at Suzuka.

“I’ve never been in this kind of position at this time of the year, knowing so early that I’m going to leave my team. So, 2025 is coming and how to manage that, with my team, with the next one, what could I know, when would I be kept out of the loop, etc.”

“So, I don’t really know how to approach it, but for now, I want to finish on a high note here, so all my energy is focused on that. Of course, there’s excitement for the future.”

Hamilton still insists on having no trouble maintaining his motivation even though Mercedes has provided him with a rather uncompetitive F1 for the third consecutive season.

“I am a competitor at heart, I want to win. Thinking about next year isn’t going to help me achieve that.”

For George Russell, the departure of the seven-time world champion is also “an opportunity” for him.

“I think we all get our chance at some point to lead a project.”

“But this opportunity might not come until 2026. I am 100% convinced that the new regulations will allow Mercedes to return to the top because the change will be more fundamental than in 2022 and there will be a lot of performance to find with the new engine.”

“With Mercedes’ experience in this area, I am looking forward to 2026.”

Russell is also not too upset about Hamilton moving on, as he believes that “change is sometimes good” for a great team like Mercedes during tough times.

“He has done so many great things, he’s been here so long, and we’re a bit stuck right now. So, I think this change is positive for him and positive for Mercedes as it gives everyone a chance to start from scratch.”

Hamilton Eyes 'Awkward Talks' with Wolff for 2025 Shift

Hamilton Eyes ‘Awkward Talks’ with Wolff for 2025 Shift. Hamilton Eyes ‘Awkward Talks’ with Wolff for 2025 Shift

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