Hamilton Distances from Ferrari Amid Newey Talks


As 2025 approaches, Lewis Hamilton remains elusive about his Ferrari negotiations and Newey’s involvement.

Lewis Hamilton has been more inclined to discuss Ferrari and his future, which will start from 2025 in Miami.

The Mercedes F1 driver has been prompted to react to Newey’s departure and rumors linking him to a move to his future team, something he “really wants a lot.”

In this context, is he keeping an eye on what’s happening at Ferrari at the moment? Is he already in communication with the Scuderia?

“I continue to have good relations with John Elkann and Fred Vasseur, so we talk regularly. But no, I am not really in contact with the team. And of course, I watch from a distance, but the focus is on how we can beat them right now. How can we win. So that’s where all my energy is going.”

“Then… I’ve never been in this situation before, so it’s a unique scenario to have a full season to do with a team knowing that I’m going to leave it.”

“On one hand, I’m really excited to work here with my guys, and at the same time, I’m excited for the future. Also, in terms of fan reaction, it’s been great because I’m somewhat mingling with fans from both teams.”

“But, you know, right now, my heart is still with Mercedes and I really want to continue helping them progress. It’s not just my job, but my desire this year. And even though it’s been tough, we remain united and I’m really proud of everyone I work with. And I really hope that it will improve this year.”

“I don’t think it can get worse, but I really think we are going to improve.”

“The team has worked hard. We have an upgrade here in Miami, a small evolution for this weekend. I’m so excited to see the developments come to fruition. And I hope we will have a car capable of performing better. So, there is no doubt it remains a challenge. But I’m really excited to be here in the United States. The weather is amazing. It’s going to be a challenge in terms of temperatures, tire degradation, and all that kind of stuff.”

Hamilton is obviously joining Ferrari in hopes of winning a record eighth world title. Does the prospect of Adrian Newey joining Ferrari give him renewed hope or greater hope of turning this dream into reality?

“For the moment, nothing changes because nothing is finalized. I don’t know what will happen in the future. All I know is that I’m joining an extremely enthusiastic and motivated team, and as I said, I’m doing a great job now, and I have an incredible story and nothing has really changed so far.”

Nothing is finalized? What does he mean?

“I don’t know if they (Ferrari) are trying. I don’t know who is trying. I can’t tell you that.”

During his negotiations with Ferrari, was Adrian Newey mentioned? Has his name come up already? Or is it only since the allegations about Christian Horner that he has become a real possibility?

“I can’t tell you that. I can’t tell you what happened in the discussions.”

Hamilton Distances from Ferrari Amid Newey Talks

Hamilton Distances from Ferrari Amid Newey Talks. Hamilton Distances from Ferrari Amid Newey Talks

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