Hamilton at Peace Despite 2021 GP Controversy

Hamilton at Peace Despite 2021 GP Controversy


Lewis Hamilton shares a serene outlook on the contentious 2021 Abu Dhabi GP event, acknowledging the personal growth and challenges it spurred.

Lewis Hamilton insists he is “at peace” with the controversial 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – but stresses that he was “robbed.”

The end of Hamilton and Mercedes F1’s glory era and the beginning of Red Bull’s domination coincided at the final round of the 2021 season.

Hamilton, aiming for a record-breaking eighth championship, was overtaken on the last lap in Abu Dhabi by Verstappen, who had not yet won a title.

Race director Michael Masi’s incorrect application of the safety car rule ultimately allowed Verstappen to overtake Hamilton and secure the race victory and his first title.

This remains one of F1’s most controversial moments.

Masi was later removed from his position at the FIA, and the rivalry between Red Bull and Mercedes intensified.

“Was I robbed? Obviously,” Hamilton told GQ Magazine.

“I mean, you know the story.”

“But what I think was really beautiful about that moment, and what I take from it, is that my dad was with me.”

“And we had been through these huge roller coasters of life together, the highs and lows.”

“And on the day that hurt me the most, he was there, and the way he raised me was to always get back up, to keep my head held high.”

“And I obviously went to congratulate Max, unaware of the impact it would have, but I was also very conscious of the fact that there was a younger version of myself watching.”

“That’s the defining moment of my life.”

“And I think it was. I felt it. I didn’t know how it would be perceived.”

“I hadn’t visualized it. But I was really aware of it: those 50 meters I was going to walk would see me fall and die, or rise up.”

Today, things are better, but “if I see images, I still feel it. But I’m at peace with it.”

“My fans are really there till death. I couldn’t understand at first: ‘Guys, I’m not winning anything!’ But I realized that it’s not easy to identify with someone who always finishes first. It’s inspiring.”

Hamilton at Peace Despite 2021 GP Controversy

Hamilton at Peace Despite 2021 GP Controversy. Hamilton at Peace Despite 2021 GP Controversy


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