Haas F1 Jeddah Circuit

Jeddah’s High-Speed Thrills Captivate Haas F1 drivers


Haas F1 drivers express high admiration for the Jeddah circuit, a venue that combines thrill and technical challenges, making it a unique race experience.

Haas F1 drivers hold the Jeddah circuit, host of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, in high regard. Kevin Magnussen performed well there last year (see photo below) and enjoys the pace of the layout and the evolving conditions throughout the weekend.

“I’m a big fan of the Jeddah circuit, especially since we scored points there last year,” the Dane recalls. “It’s an incredible track to drive, thrilling and exhilarating because it’s high-speed and every turn involves a white line followed by a wall.”

“It’s a street circuit that isn’t used all year round, so the track changes a lot, and it’s a night race with some sessions during the day, which changes a lot of things. Like in Bahrain or Singapore, you have to take these conditions into account.”

Jeddah: Unlearned Mastery

“The first time I drove there in 2022, I had never even been on a simulator, because I was called up to Bahrain very late and didn’t have time to go to a simulator. I had to learn it on the spot, and it had been a long time since I had to learn a circuit like that, almost since my karting days.”

Nico Hülkenberg is also pleased to go to Saudi Arabia, on a track he greatly enjoys, and where he raced in 2022 for Aston Martin and in 2023 for Haas: “The Jeddah circuit is spectacular, a very high-speed urban track, which is very challenging and demanding, but I really like this place.”

“It’s a very dynamic location, especially the track, and I have good memories of the two races I’ve done so far. I feel very well prepared for my third race here and hope I can score points this time.”

Haas F1 Jeddah Circuit f1 2024. Haas F1 Jeddah Circuit f1 2024.


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