Haas F1 confiant avant la course de Miami

Haas F1 confiant avant la course de Miami


Haas F1 starts its 2024 home race series in Miami, buoyed by early season performances and high team morale.

Haas F1 approaches Miami, the first of its three home Grand Prix, with a certain level of confidence.

The team has been, alongside RB F1, often there to pick up the few points left by the top teams during the first four races.

Nico Hülkenberg thus heads to Florida quite confident.

“This is the first of three home races for the Haas F1 Team this season, and the team is performing well at the moment. We are in the fight for points when the opportunity arises, and I hope we can showcase our capabilities in front of our American partners and local supporters.”

Kevin Magnussen reminds us that Haas already performed well in Miami in 2023 despite a car that was hard on its tires during the race.

“Miami is a big event for us, the first of three home races. It’s a grand event, a superb track, and personally, I love the circuit—it’s a hybrid street-road in terms of the track, but there are some very good high-speed sections. It was one of our best weekends last season, and I hope that with our car this year, we can have an even better race.”

“It’s a good track for racing; you have the back straight which is very long, then a hairpin leading to the main straight, so whatever battle you’re in, it tends to continue into turn 1 with another DRS zone. Of course, American races are busy for us as we are an American team with many American sponsors, so I look forward to the whole week.”

Haas F1 confiant avant la course de Miami

Haas F1 confiant avant la course de Miami. Haas F1 confiant avant la course de Miami

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