GM Reaffirms Backing for Andretti's F1 Ambitions

GM Reaffirms Backing for Andretti’s F1 Ambitions


GM solidifies its commitment to Andretti Global, ensuring their F1 venture thrives.

Eric Warren, head of motorsport at General Motors, has assured that he will not let Andretti Global down in their pursuit of F1. The industrialist is motivated to provide all necessary support to the American team despite the obstacles.

“We have stated, from a technical point of view, that we are committed and will not let it fail,” said Warren, Executive Director of GM Motorsports Competition, in an interview with The New York Times.

“Our company participates and has been successful in every racing series we enter. Anyone can see that. Many experienced and high-level F1 drivers regularly come knocking at our door. They see what we are doing.”

“In terms of car development, all subsystems, facilities, all technical disciplines, aerodynamics, all the CFD work, all the AI strategy work, we compete at a competitive level in many series. We do not underestimate the technical challenge of Formula 1, but we also know how to race.”

“We know how to recruit talent, and we certainly know how to invest in technology and utilize the strength of our company and our partners, who also happen to be many of the partners with whom the rest of the industry regularly works.”

“We believe we can prove it, that we are proving it, and that we will continue to do so. We owe it to our fans and to both brands to bring them something unique.”

FOM’s Response Motivates GM

The decision by the FOM to reject Andreti was poorly received, and even more so for the statement that the team would not bring added value to the discipline. For GM, it’s an additional motivation: “When we read this response, it was clear that we disagreed, and I think nobody agrees.”

“The public’s comments clearly showed this afterwards, but it did not discourage us, because we feel we need to support what we have seen throughout the process.”

“It really pushed us to continue to demonstrate what we do. It is partly about trying to be cautious in the process, respecting it, and knowing when to get ahead of it.”

“It’s about navigating and really showing the strength and value of the process that we have focused on. We continue to do so. As momentum builds and the value becomes crystal clear, we hope and know we will succeed.”

“Because at the end of the day, we’re trying to take into account the sport, fans around the world, and having General Motors and the support of the board of directors, the whole company, has really added a lot more value. It’s up to us to demonstrate our resolve and commitment in this regard, and to show what we can do.”

GM Reaffirms Backing for Andretti's F1 Ambitions

GM Reaffirms Backing for Andretti’s F1 Ambitions. GM Reaffirms Backing for Andretti’s F1 Ambitions

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