Giving Our All Vasseur's Praise for Sainz

“Giving Our All”: Vasseur’s Praise for Sainz


Ferrari’s Vasseur praises Carlos Sainz for his outstanding start to the season, marked by a Bahrain podium and a Melbourne win.

Fred Vasseur is pleased with the work and demeanor of Carlos Sainz at the start of the season. The Ferrari director praises the Spanish driver’s performances and his commitment, following his podium in Bahrain and victory in Melbourne.

“This winter, we agreed to give it our all until the last lap of the season,” Vasseur reveals about Sainz. “And he has done a fantastic job. He was there in Bahrain, pushing the team as well, and it’s certain that Jeddah was a tough weekend, a tough weekend for Carlos, a tough weekend for the team.”

“However, his recovery is impressive. You have to remember that two weeks ago, he was in the hospital. I think that even on Friday, he wasn’t 100% sure he could drive.”

“And after a few laps, he was on pace, and that’s what made the race successful – because you cannot lose a lap in free practice if you want to perform. It’s certain, it’s incredible. If you look at where he came from, nobody expected such a result.”

However, Vasseur denies that Sainz blatantly dominated Charles Leclerc this weekend in Jeddah. According to him, the gap between his two drivers was minimal, but he primarily thinks that Leclerc had fewer strategic options.

“We’re talking about more or less half a tenth. The standings are one thing, the pace is another. I think the issue during the race was that we had to cover [Oscar] Piastri at the start, which wasn’t ideal in terms of race time, that’s certain.”

“We didn’t want to give up the track position, and we put him in a difficult situation. But in the last stint, he knew more about the degradation of the hard tires, and he was able to be very consistent.”

“Giving Our All”: Vasseur’s Praise for Sainz. “Giving Our All”: Vasseur’s Praise for Sainz


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