George Russell and the Power of Mercedes F1 Teamwork

Russell’s Key to Success: Building Strong Team


George Russell is seen as the future of Mercedes F1, and this is partly because the British driver knows how to work with his team. He points out that while a driver’s position is crucial, it largely depends on the relationships they build within their team.

“Times have changed. Speaking purely in terms of racing, the cars are more complex than ever before, and the way you work with your team is very different. Teams are larger than they’ve ever been; we have 2000 people at Mercedes,” Russell recalls.

“If I were as fast a driver as I am today but couldn’t work with my team or communicate effectively, I wouldn’t be in the position I am now.”

Russell is also aware of the impact of F1 and its players on the fans, especially since the passion for the sport is sometimes crucial for forgetting the challenges of everyday life.

“Outside of the racing circuits, I believe we all recognize that we have a powerful voice. We want to make a positive impact on people, especially when we see what’s happening in the world right now, which is quite devastating.”

“When we take a step back and enter our own little bubble, we all think that it’s the most important thing in the world, not just for the drivers but for everyone in this paddock.”

“But in reality, there are many things happening that are truly devastating. I only hope that the impact we have is positive in the lives of others.”

George Russell and the Power of Mercedes F1 Teamwork. George Russell and the Power of Mercedes F1 Teamwork

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