Gasly's Eagerness for Suzuka Amid Alpine F1 Updates

Gasly’s Eagerness for Suzuka Amid Alpine F1 Updates


In the fourth round of the 2024 season, Japan ranks among Pierre Gasly’s favorite countries.

The French driver heads to Japan with Alpine F1, aware that the A524 is still too far behind to consistently score points. However, minor updates (including a new front wing and weight reduction) will be applied to the Enstone team’s cars at Suzuka.

Gasly remains determined and looks forward to racing at one of his favorite tracks with eagerness.

“We did what we could in Australia, starting seventeenth and finishing thirteenth. At one point, we were in eighth, hoping to capitalize on a racing incident. That’s all we could really hope for. We must be patient while improving the car since we’re currently too far back to compete for points.”

“I fully trust the team to continue deciphering the package and unlocking performance to return us to our rightful place in the championship. Everyone is giving their all, and we are working positively and constructively to make progress.”

“The next race is in Japan, one of my favorite stops for both the country and the Suzuka circuit itself. I must say I love visiting Japan and driving on the magnificent Suzuka track.”

“Nearly all drivers love Suzuka—a fast track with challenging sequences and overtaking opportunities. Races there are usually quite good. Japan will always hold a special place for me as I spent a lot of time there when I was racing in Super Formula. The fans are incredible. They’re so warm and polite, making this event stand out.”

“I hope we can show a higher level of performance this week. We have some updates on the car, so I’m eager to test them in practice and then utilize them throughout the weekend.”

Gasly took a few days off to relax after the race in Australia without returning to Europe.

“I visited Hamilton Island. Turns out I wasn’t the only one from Formula 1 with that idea! I played golf on a beautiful course. I wasn’t at my best, but the scenery was fantastic for a very enjoyable experience. I saw the Great Barrier Reef, and it was incredible.”

“It’s always good to have some time to unwind and recharge. With the time zone changes and an intense week ahead, it’s important to relax and recover a bit. I’ve been in Tokyo for a few days. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world, with an exceptional atmosphere and cuisine that’s to die for. I feel completely ready for this weekend at Suzuka.”

Gasly’s Eagerness for Suzuka Amid Alpine F1 Updates. Gasly’s Eagerness for Suzuka Amid Alpine F1 Updates


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