Gasly Silent on Future Amid Alpine F1 Speculation

Gasly Silent on Future Amid Alpine F1 Speculation


Pierre Gasly remains tight-lipped about his future with Alpine F1, despite welcoming new technical direction.

Pierre Gasly has declined to discuss potential options for his Formula 1 future, including staying at Alpine F1.

As the driver market shifts, with Nico Hülkenberg’s signing with Sauber/Audi for 2025, a few dominos are beginning to fall. In the paddock, it’s rumored that he has also received substantial offers from both Audi and Williams.

“Nico’s signing changes nothing about my plans,” he confirmed in Miami.

When asked if his priority is to remain with the French team, he becomes reticent.

“For now, I have nothing to announce, I won’t elaborate on the matter, and I’ll speak more when the time comes. I have no comment at this time.”

Similarly, Gasly offers “no comment” on whether there’s a deadline for his decision.

“Take it as you will, but I will not expand on the contractual situation.”

However, Gasly greeted with more enthusiasm the ongoing changes at Alpine F1, following the announcement of David Sanchez as the new technical director.

“I’m looking forward to working with him; he has a lot of experience and is already familiar with Enstone. I’m eager to see what he will bring. I’ll take any performance improvement we can get, and I’m sure he will bring fresh ideas.”

“There are also other good recruits. We need them because this car did not have the best start. Sometimes things work, and sometimes we make mistakes, but what’s most important is how we respond. I realize it takes time. We can’t expect a huge change right away, but we have data to understand what works and what doesn’t.”

“We need to figure out what we can do for this season and then for 2025 since it’s already May… I see what’s happening at the factory. I know it will take time, but it’s crucial to respond.”

Regarding this weekend in Miami, the Frenchman admits he enjoys the circuit.

“Miami features many medium and high-speed corners, followed by technical low-speed sections before a long back straight where we’ve seen overtaking in the past. The event is special because American fans line up all around the Hard Rock Stadium. It’s generally a great spectacle, with lots of different activities.”

Gasly will finally receive Alpine F1’s updates, which he will experience during a Sprint weekend.

“This is the second consecutive Sprint weekend after China. The new format seems to have been well received. The single practice session means we need to be on our game right from the start to be well-prepared for the Sprint qualifying, and then we have two race opportunities with points on the line.”

“I will have the upgrade on my car, which was a significant effort by the team.”

“I have the new chassis and the new floor; I’m eager to see what it brings after China, where Esteban had it. It’s a step in the right direction, but we need more.”

“We saw signs of improvement in China, where we seemed more competitive. We’re getting closer to the points, but we need to do better. We must continue to work hard and understand our package.”

Gasly Silent on Future Amid Alpine F1 Speculation

Gasly Silent on Future Amid Alpine F1 Speculation. Gasly Silent on Future Amid Alpine F1 Speculation

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